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A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race ― SUPER-SPECIAL: Dan Scavino Tweeted Interesting Stuffs (1)

Director of WH Communication, Dan Scavino, has tweeted some interesting stuffs

SUPER-SPECIAL: Dan Scavino, Director of Official @WhiteHouse Twitter Account: (@DanScavino) Personal Twitter Account, has some interesting tweets:

Source: Space force is supporting President Trump
Analysis: The White House will have an American flag and celebrate Christmas as well. President Trump will win.
Analysis: In Trump’s back, the 7th POTUS, Andrew Jackson, who is considering one of founders of today’s Democratic Party. His ideas and thoughts, such as claiming slavery to make wealth of the U.S. and others, have implemented into the Democratic Party already. President Trump will defeat the Democratic Party.
Analysis: President Trump is facing the British Winston Churchill, whose party was betrayed him in the WWII. Today, some members of the GOP (i.e., majority leader of Senator) have been betrayed President Trump already.
Analysis: President Trump is facing on the 16th POTUS Abraham Lincoln, who executed the executive order by using the martial law to unify the nation.
Analysis: Showing President Trump is calling, making his final decision?
Analysis: This video shows that the old man (i.e., Trump) is doing something extra-ordinary for his grand-daughter. But, so many people including his daughter do not understand it!

Final Analysis: Dan Scavino is one of a few stuffs (who are still working at the oval office) that President Trump appointed into the White House since 2016. In four years, he only tweeted about 10,000, but he merely wrote down any messages. Most of times, he took President Trump’s photo, explaining what were going on.

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