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The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race ― SUPER-SPECIAL: Enforcement Bureau reminds EAS Participants of Compliance Obligations

EAS broadcast President Trump’s message. Power will be out!

SUPER-SPECIAL: The U.S. FCC made emergency announcement in the below, watch:

Enforcement Bureau Reminds EAS Participants of Compliance Obligations

  • Full Title: Enforcement Bureau Reminds Emergency Alert System (EAS) Participants Of Compliance Obligations
  • Document Type(s): Advisory
  • Bureau(s): Enforcement

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau today issued an advisory to remind Emergency Alert System participants of their compliance obligations, including ensuring that alerts are accessible to people with disabilities

  • DA/FCC #: DA-21-10

Analysis: FCC is trying to force the law for these TVs.

  • Asking them to broadcast President Trump message
  • If TVs do not do it, the power might block out.
  • Make sure your cell phone will be FULL-Charging
  • Waiting for EAS broadcast from President Trump
  • Do not go out when the power is out!!!!

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