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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SUPER-SPECIAL: (01.23) of the White House: General Michael Flynn’s Message

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SUPER-SPECIAL: Gen. Michael Flynn makes the statement in Telegram in the following:

❗️ We thought long enough to give you this information or not, but based on all the events, yesterday I was allowed to do this. A couple of weeks ago, our man from Russia wrote to my postal address and said that there will now be a real show, that they are trying to steal the country from the Russians, that there will be an attempted coup in Russia around the identity of their activist Alexei Navalny, but this is all a performance and the real struggle for freedom from the fascists will only begin there. Our man said that they need help in raising funds to organize a fight against the same satanists with whom we are fighting. Patriots of America, you already know better than anyone how it is to fight for your freedom and for your country. The people of any country deserve a good future, as these are people first of all. Unfortunately, in the current circumstances we cannot help them in any way, so as not to compromise ourselves, we must be transparently clean, otherwise our entire plan may collapse. If anyone wants to help the Russians start the fight for freedom from global fascists, you can help them by going to the channel created for this, where you will find all the information you need to transfer funds. May God bless America and all the peoples of the earth!

👉 Telegram channel to help Russians: @helptorussia

This is from German Foreign Office in the below:

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