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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SUPER-SPECIAL: (01.24) of the White House: Lin Wood Makes His Statement

What is going on?

SUPER-SPECIAL: Lin Wood makes his statement in Telegram in the following:


Have you prayed and asked the Lord to bring the evil wrongdoers to justice? I have. I hope you will join me in that prayer. There is power in numbers.

God promises to meet the needs of those who believe in Him and answer their every prayer.

Many people give up on God answering their prayers when the answer does not occur “right away” or “soon enough.” Wait on the Lord. He does not lie. He keeps every promise made to those who believe in Him.

God has to deal with several others and events before it is time to answer your prayer. But He will answer it.

I believe God is dealing with people and events all over the world as part of His plan to bring change to America.

God is going to The One to bring about the Great Awakening AND the Great Reset of the World. On His terms. Not the terms of CCP or George Soros. On His schedule. Not yours and not mine.

God created the United States but remember, He also created the world. The world, like the United States, is broken and needs to be fixed. God is going to fix it. On His terms. On His schedule.

God is real. He is going to remind us that fact soon.

You watch it happen.

Wait on the Lord.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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