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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SPECIAL: (05.25) of the White House: A Message from Melania Trump in Telegram (2)

JFK, Jr. is Alive, according to Melania

SPECIAL: Melania Trump sent out her message in telegram (below) again, and JFK, Jr. is ALIVE!

♦️These days, patriots want to know what happened to John Kennedy Jr. and Jim Morrison.

🔶John Kennedy Jr. and Jim Morrison are alive.

💥They recently joined to the Telegram.

If you are a real patriot be sure to join their channel

🔆John Kennedy Jr.:

🆔 @JFK_Q17

🆔 @JFK_Q17


⭐️Jim Morrison:

🆔 @ProudAmericann

🆔 @ProudAmericann



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