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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (3.1.2022) in the White House: Pedophile Pence in Deep Trouble

Pedophile Michael Pence is in deep trouble

SPECIAL: Pedophile Michael Pence is in deep trouble according to RRN, the full text is in the below:

Pedophile Pence in Deep Trouble

By Michael Baxter -February 13, 2022

Real Raw News has gotten fresh data regarding the military’s recent interest in former Vice President Michael Pence, a man whose entrancing façade and artful rhetoric beguiled a nation into believing he was worthy of one day succeeding Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. In contrast to Trump’s unfiltered dialogue, Pence measured his words carefully and eloquently, rarely raising his voice even when angered. But the soft-spoken Pence was a monster in disguise; if he seemed sincere, his sincerity was little more than a thin veneer occluding his darker predilections—touching young boys.

A JAG source speaking to Real Raw News under condition of anonymity said the U.S. military has obtained conclusive proof that Pence, while serving as Indiana Governor from 2013-2017 and during is tenure at the White House, had a morbid fascination for young boys and even tried to groom them for sexual enslavement.

An arduous investigation into Pence’s past, our source said, identified 5 of Pence’s victims.  Two were 13 years old when Pence allegedly fondled them at the Indiana Governor’s Mansion in 2015.

“Pence targeted vulnerable, impressionable kids that were barely teenagers. He went after kids from broken households, usually without a father figure around. He basically coerced, bribed them. In trade for their discretion and silence, he gave them what any teenage boy wants—computers, video games, and money. Later gripped by shame, they didn’t want to come forward, either because of that shame or because Pence was too dangerous a man to cross. Pence wasn’t the type of predator to forcibly take what he wanted. He was a master manipulator, which makes him the most dangerous of child predators,” our source said.

JAG deemed the victim’s stories highly credible, as they aligned and uniformly described Pence’s predaceous behavior: He liked undressing his victims, first removing their pants and underwear. Then he encouraged them to masturbate while he watched, and often touched their genitals. Either through bribery or blackmail, the villainous Pence rewarded his victims with cash, XBOXs, and PlayStations, promising even greater rewards if the children reciprocated his affections.

“Pence told these kids he wanted them to be his regulars, and in two cases the molestations went on for several months—until Pence found new targets. Two victims, who are unrelated and never met, said Pence has an unusually shaped birthmark on his buttocks. There’s no way they could know that unless he exposed himself to them,” our source said.

Four of the five victims are now adults, but have asked to remain anonymous until Pence is brought to justice. Our source said all 4 have agreed to testify against Pence in the future.

The fifth victim cannot testify. He is dead. He held a pistol under his chin and squeezed the trigger a month after his last encounter with Pence, in 2018.

“I can’t detail that too much now. But we learned of this through journals and the sworn testimony of a family member,” our source said.

What’s worse, Pence’s staffers in Indiana and Washington were privy to his crimes.

“There’s disturbing allegations that everyone from housekeepers at the governor’s mansion to White House interns witnessed him in the company of young boys,” our source said.

Asked if President Donald J. Trump might have had knowledge of Pence’s crimes, he said, “There’s no evidence Trump knew just how sinister Pence is. The offices of the president and vice president are compartmentalized. Had Trump known, we’d have gotten proof of Pence’s wickedness much sooner.”

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