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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (8.18.2022) in the White House: Delta Force Seizes IRS Weapons Shipment

According to RRN Delta Force seizes IRS weapons shipment

SPECIAL: According to RRN Delta Force seizes IRS weapons shipment, and a full text is in the below:

Delta Force Seizes IRS Weapons Shipment

By Michael Baxter -August 8, 2022

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Delta Force Operators Monday morning intercepted an 18-wheeler packed with pistols and bound for the Internal Revenue Service Building in Washington, D.C., a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

Hours after Kabula Harris’s tie-breaking vote on the regime’s climate, health, and tax bill empowered the IRS to hire and arm 87,000 new agents—to the tune of $80bn—an inconspicuous tractor trailer departed a government-leased warehouse in Jessup, Maryland. The obsidian cab and attached trailer swerved through the city’s industrial district and was preparing to veer onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway when it met an obstacle: four SUVs, each as black as the trailer, blocked its path, two on the road and one on each shoulder. Under ordinary circumstances, the trailer could’ve steamrolled the blockade. But these were not ordinary circumstances. Behind each SUV stood four men garbed in military attire, every one of them brandishing rifles aimed at the cab’s windshield.

As the truck screeched to a halt, four of the 16 Delta Force Operators approached and commanded the driver and passenger to show their hands and exit the vehicle. They complied and were gagged and zip tied, then pushed into the lead SUV. Wordlessly, two Operators climbed aboard the now seized cab and keyed the ignition. Within seconds, the vehicles had dispersed. The intercept and seizure had taken only minutes to complete.

The tractor trailer had left Maryland at 2:00 a.m. and, under current traffic conditions, been scheduled to arrive in D.C. no later than 4:00 a.m. By then, however, Special Forces had driven the trailer to safehouse/warehouse they had prepared in advance, and were already inventorying the load against a shipping manifest found in the cab.

According to the manifest, the trailer held 23,500 crated Sig Saur P229s and 160,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition, ostensibly intended for the IRS’s enhanced police force.

A week before the seizure, U.S. Army Cyber Command had intercepted communications between IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Manchin. Rettig had said on a conference call that “the purchase has been made,” which caused a somewhat agitated Schumer to inadvertently expose the nature of the shipment. “Why now? You were supposed to wait until we passed the bill and its made law. You jumped the gun, and mean that literally and figuratively, and this could come back at us,” Schumer said. Manchin bowed out of the conversation, saying, “I really don’t need to hear any of this,” and disconnected. But Schumer and Rettig bantered on. “We know the bill will pass muster, Kamala will see to it. It isn’t a problem. We’ll just say later on that we bought the guns after the bill got passed and ratified,” Rettig blabbered. “Don’t take possession until Biden makes it law,” Schumer said, to which Rettig blurted, “They can’t sit where they are that long, too risky. I’m moving them here from Maryland storage when it passes. If there’s any blowback, it’ll fall on me.”

U.S. Army Cyber Command at once forwarded a recording of the call to both Marine Corps General David H. Berger and a Delta Force commander whose name remains classified. Together, they greenlit a mission to confiscate the IRS’s would-be arsenal. Research revealed that the federal government had contracts with several shipping and warehouse facilities in the Maryland area, and Delta Force Operators soon began surveillance on those locations, hitting pay dirt rather quickly. The Jessup warehouse, they discovered, was guarded by a throng of treasury agents whose blue windbreakers with IRS Special Agent stenciled on the back conspicuously betrayed their identities.

Delta Force had a choice to make: raid the warehouse and risk a firefight, or continue surveillance until the warehouse’s contents had been loaded onto a trailer, and seize it enroute to its destination.

According to our source, Delta Force had watched treasury agents fill the trailer with rectangular wooden crates, the contents of which had been stamped in blank ink on the wood—pistols, lots of them, and ammo.

“Delta expected security would go with the truck, but it was only the driver and one IRS agent in the passenger seat. No tailing vehicles. The IRS is an enemy of the people, and those pistols…why would they need them? Think about that? This is victory but a small one because they have $80bn to play with. We’re still in the fight,” our source said in closing.

By Cloudy Dragon

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