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MAGA VS. Establishment (1.17.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: General Smith’s Office Rebuffs Nikki Haley, “Who Exactly Are You?”

According RRN General Smith’s Office rebuffs Nikki Haley, “Who exactly are you?”

SPECIAL: According RRN General Smith’s Office rebuffs Nikki Haley, “Who exactly are you?” and the full text is in the below:

Gen. Smith’s Office Rebuffs Nikki Haley: “Who exactly are you?”

By Michael Baxter -January 7, 2024

A staffer in General Eric M. Smith’s office angered Nikki Haley on Thursday, asking, “Who exactly are you?” when the presidential hopeful called Camp Pendleton to speak with the general, a source familiar with the incident told Real Raw News.

The general’s staff, of course, knows of Nikki Haley but has standing orders to rebuff any of Trump’s inferior opponents looking to ingratiate themselves with high-ranking officers within the White Hat community.

Haley was one of many political aspirants to seek an audience with General Smith. In August, Vivek Ramaswamy, whom White Hats consider a Deep State plant, emailed the general begging to access the White Hat council, but the general’s office promptly denied the request. In his email, A cocky Ramaswamy had declared himself the Republican Party’s future and implored White Hats to abandon Trump, calling the patriotic president “damaged goods,” “yesterday’s news,” and a “liability.”

Haley, too, expressed an air of arrogant confidence in requesting a tete-a-tete with Gen. Smith. She had opened the call without identifying herself and asked the staffer to “put Gen. Smith on the line immediately,” to which the staffer, cordial at first, replied, “Who should I say is calling?” even though Haley’s name and number populated the caller-ID display.

“It’s Nikki Haley,” she said firmly.

“Nikki who?” the staffer taunted.

“Nikki Haley, your next commander in chief. Put General Smith on,” Haley said.

“Please hold for Gen. Smith,” the staffer said, leaving Haley, flustered and agitated, on hold for 20 minutes before returning to the call and informing her that Gen. Smith was eating lunch and didn’t want nuisance calls disturbing his meal.

“I am Nikki Haley,” Haley reiterated, “and I’ll be reporting your insolence to a commanding officer. I’ll make sure you’re demoted and dishonorably discharged.”

“Pardon me, but who exactly is this again?” the staffer said, prompting Haley to disconnect the call.

General Smith, our source said, was dining at his desk and listening to the call on speakerphone, and later commended the staffer’s creative dismissal of a person White Hats have labeled a dangerous, reckless, Hawkish Neocon whose political aspirations lie not in Making America Great Again but in perpetuating global conflicts that would further bankrupt the U.S. and put U.S. servicemen in harm’s way unnecessarily. They also regard Haley as a Wall Street/Corporate America shill.

Haley’s tie to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is perceived as a red flag among White Hat leadership. BlackRock is an American multinational investment company with over nine trillion dollars in assets and has a history of leveraging economic power to impose left-wing agendas. Haley has also courted the heads of JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

“It’s no coincidence that Haley is falling to her knees in supplication for these Wall Street donors; they are President Trump’s enemies. Wall Street and mega corps hate Trump,” our source said.

Moreover, White Hats have reportedly seen internal campaign documents in which Haley says she will, as President of the United States, indefinitely finance Volodymyr Zelenskyy while developing a proposal to either oust Putin from office or convince him to “abdicate his throne.”

“Haley is an opportunist, not a patriot,” our source said. “How can we take seriously a candidate who uses her skin color to pander to Black and Brown people and then intentionally wears skin-lightening cosmetics or bleaches it when speaking to Caucasian audiences.”

In closing, we asked our source what White Hats would do if Haley outperformed President Trump in the primaries.

“Only in fantasyland could that happen,” he said.

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