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MAGA VS. Establishment (6.30.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: DOJ Body Double Spoofs U.S. Marines

According to RRN DOJ body double spoofs U.S. marines

SPECIAL: According to RRN DOJ body double spoofs U.S. marines, and the full text is in the below:

DOJ Body Double Spoofs U.S. Marines

By Michael Baxter

 June 19, 2024

An actress impersonating Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, the late Merrick Garland’s righthand woman and an enemy of patriotism, was killed “resisting arrest” Friday evening as U.S. Marines blitzed Monaco’s house in the outskirts of D.C., sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Both the imposter and two federal agents protecting her died by Marine gunfire after they refused to surrender peacefully and drew pistols on the squad General Smith had sent to apprehend what he believed to be the legitimate deputy A.G., the source added. The sanctioned raid occurred at approximately 9:45 p.m. Friday when Gen. Smith authorized Marines to storm Monaco’s residence.

According to our source, White Hats elevated Monaco, who played a crucial role in illegal arrests of nearly all J6ers currently under indictment or imprisoned, to their Ten Most Wanted around the time of Garland’s tribunal and execution, as part of their effort to purge the Deep State’s Dept. of Injustice from the top down. The hunt for Monaco, a second source said, had begun before Merrick Garland arrived at Guantanamo Bay, but the elusive Deep Stater displayed a keen ability at eluding tails and vanishing without a trace.

The sources admitted that White Hats are unsure when the actress replaced the real Monaco.

“I hate admitting to failings, but our people who are experts at finding body doubles or clones can’t say when the switch happened.”

White Hats, he explained, first moved against Monaco in March, surveilling her six houses—two valued at over $4,000,000 and bought under an LLC. she had registered to obfuscate the purchases—but finding no signs of life or evidence the homes had been recently occupied. They assumed, but could not prove or disprove, that Monaco had clandestinely fled the country to avoid Garland’s fate. The properties’ value was more than a simple civil servant could afford–without illicit, unreported income.

In April, however, Monaco’s face appeared on a taped NBC news segment touting the importance of jailing President Trump and his “violent supporters” still at large.

Digital forensic analysts at Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command scrutinized the footage; voice and facial recognition technology concluded with a 97% probability that the Monaco on video was indeed the genuine article, and the analysts saw no indicators—seams near the neckline and eyes, discrepancies in skin tones, misshaped nose or ears, etc.—she was a double wearing a prosthetic mask. If it were a lookalike, software and trained eyes could not distinguish it from the authentic person, tasks they had successfully completed in the past on other Deep State targets.

White Hats thought they had another shot at apprehending Monaco in May when her office scheduled her to deliver a keynote speech to widows of fallen federal officers at a Los Angeles restaurant later in the month. Employing all available resources, Cyberspace Command scoured confidential databases in hopes of finding an airline ticket booked in Monaco’s name. Their efforts were futile, and queries to federal 5th Columnists were likewise ineffective. No one had a clue how, when, or from where Monaco would appear in Los Angeles. General Smith ruled out having hundreds of Marines patrol numerous airports for three weeks, calling the endeavor insuperable as it would mean tracking tens of thousands of passengers boarding and deboarding hundreds of flights daily.

Instead, he opted to station a Marine reconnaissance platoon outside and near the restaurant the day of the dinner gathering. If possible, the plan was to identify her and then confront her quietly only after the event concluded.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on May 23, Marine spotters on nearby rooftops believed they saw a woman who fit Monaco’s physical description in the rear seat of a chauffeured sedan heading toward the restaurant. But when the car pulled into the parking lot, no one emerged from the car, and Monaco appeared to have disappeared, the back seat now unoccupied. Two minutes later, the driver started the engine and pulled off.

“It was like a magic trick, unless two sharp-eyed spotters peering through binoculars saw the same mirage. One minute she was in there, and the next, she wasn’t. We had men watching inside the restaurant, too, and she never showed up. We’ve had Deep Staters pull a Houdini act on us before, and this was a damn good one. We considered stopping the limo but didn’t want to tip our hand, assuming we hadn’t already. Our next stroke of luck, if you can call it that, was last week. Who we thought was Monaco was suddenly back at her house in D.C.—with two FBI agents guarding her.”

General Smith, he added, had grown weary of the deception and ordered Marines to storm the residence and apprehend Monaco and her federal companions as accomplices to her crimes. The Marines waited until a fed stepped outside to inhale on a vape pen before charging into action, catching the fed by surprise and shoving inside the doorway, beyond which Monaco and the second agent had already drawn sidearms and were leveling them at the Marines rushing inside. The Marines fired first, in self-defense, killing the agents and Monaco.

Except it wasn’t Monaco.

A bullet that pierced her cheek had first torn through a breathable latex-type mask that seemed hermetically sealed to her face. It was flawless and seamless, the pigment perfectly matching both the imposter’s and the real Monaco’s complexion.

The Marines bagged the bodies and arranged for them to be shipped to a facility where experts could identify Monaco’s play-actor.

“We know the person but aren’t releasing it yet,” our source said. We’re talking about much more than just some actor. I mean, this person was willing to take a bullet for Monaco. That’s commitment. She’d been trained to mimic Monaco flawlessly in every possible way. Monaco’s still out there, somewhere in the shadows, and our mission to find and arrest the traitor continues.”

Last week’s flubbed operation wasn’t the first time White Hats got spoofed by a masked imposter. In May 2021, while hunting down Nancy Pelosi, they arrested a Pelosi double wearing a life-like mask.

By Cloudy Dragon

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