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MAGA VS. Establishment (7.8.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: White Hat Officer Fouls Mission to Arrest IRS Boss and Gets Charged with Aiding the Enemy

According to RRN White Hat Officer Fouls Mission to arrest IRS boss and get charged with aiding the enemy

SPECIAL: According to RRN White Hat Officer Fouls Mission to arrest IRS boss and get charged with aiding the enemy, and the full text is in the below:

White Hat Officer Fouls Mission to Arrest IRS Boss and Gets Charged with Aiding the Enemy

By Michael Baxter

July 2, 2024

A Marine lieutenant has been charged with dereliction of duty and other High Crimes for disobeying General Eric M.Smith’s direct orders to arrest IRS Director Danny Werfel, who, sources in the general’s office told Real Raw News, went bananas after President Trump said during Thursday’s debate that he would, upon reseating himself in the Oval Office, exempt tips from taxable income.

On Friday morning, an IRS whistleblower, or Fifth Columnist, informed Gen. Smith that Werfel blew a gasket in response to Trump’s promise and had summoned regional supervisors to an emergency ZOOM conference. Werfel decried Trump’s “reckless tax reform” as dangerous to the Treasury Department’s bottom line, adding that since “thieves never report cash tips” and “earn more than they should as is,” tip-reliant workers deserved no tax breaks whatsoever. Werfel told the convocation of suits that “Trump must die, and I’ll arrange it myself if I have to” and that every person aligned with MAGA be aggressively audited.

Our source said the 5th Columnist supplied a video of the gathering of goons, which Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command authenticated at Gen. Smith’s request. Although RRN has not seen the video, we were shown a certified transcript.

The general, our source added, felt that Werfel’s statements were actionably treasonous but consulted with Vice Adm. Crandall before assembling a squad to hunt down the Deep Stater, who had previously served under Barrack Hussein Obama as OMB Controller. Biden had appointed him IRS director in March 2023.

“This guy [Werfel] has Deep State written all over him, indelibly. He’s no better than the guy he replaced. He’s a real piece of work, a piece of shit, if you ask me. But the general wanted Adm. Crandall’s legal opinion. Was Werfel just blowing off steam? Or was he literal? Were his words intent to commit a crime? Well, we take threats against President Trump’s life very seriously.”

The admiral’s answer: The Deep State had jailed patriots for less severe crimes, and he would prosecute Werfel if the general’s men caught him.

Our source said Gen. Smith seemed aberrantly motivated to capture Werfel, for he had assembled a squad and issued orders to isolate and arrest the villain at once. The lieutenant commanding the squad had previously fought FEMA in Maui, where he had four confirmed enemy kills, one earned through hand-to-hand combat. At the time, he was considered a rising star in the White Hats’ protracted war against the Deep State. He was among a handful of officers scheduled to receive battlefield promotions.

That all changed last week.

While surveilling the Werfel home on Saturday, the lieutenant saw Werfel and his wife, Beth, and their adult children, Sean and Molly, gathered together in the living room watching what appeared to be Netflix and snacking on popcorn. Having deployed parabolic microphones, the Marines overheard the parents praising their children and uttering a few pejorative statements about President Trump. They shared a group hug and smiled at one other before Werfel said he was heading to the backyard to start the barbecue grill.

When Werfel left the house through a rear door and was beyond the line of sight of his family, the Marine squad’s senior NCO requested permission to grab him. Rather than respond, the lieutenant continued peering through binoculars at the front bay window, behind which Mrs. Werfel and the children stared attentively at the television.

The NCO repeated his request, but the lieutenant brusquely silenced him: “Not the right time,” he said.

“It’s the perfect time, but we have to act now,” the NCO replied, according to an official summary of the incident reviewed by RRN.

The lieutenant disagreed, and the NCO interpreted his reluctance to act as unambiguous cowardice, but he obeyed his commanding officer as Marines do.  The report noted that the lieutenant’s decision to abort the night’s mission in favor of trying again the next day left all the Marines puzzled. He had even rebuffed the NCO’s reasonable request to post guards at the residence overnight in case another opportunity to snatch Werfel arose. Instead, he instructed the Marines to get a solid night’s rest at the Baltimore hotel rooms they’d rented under assumed names, so they’d be lucid and combat-ready at 5:00 a.m. the following day.

But when the Marines returned before dawn Sunday, the Werfels, all the Werfels, seemed to have vanished without a trace. Their cars were not in the driveway or garage, and the only sound and heat signature inside was a meowing cat they’d left behind.

The lieutenant told his NCO that the Werfels must have spotted a careless Marine the night before and fled the home in the middle of the night.

“Mistakes do happen. Marines are human, too, so what he suggested wasn’t impossible. But it was extremely unusual for an officer to assert without evidence. Every Marine there, including the sergeant, had combat and special ops experience. The sergeant believed the Werfels got tipped off and not by a Marine accidentally stepping in front of a window or tripping over a rock. Turns out he was right,” our source said.

When debriefed by his company commander Monday, the lieutenant confessed he had telephoned Werfel, warning him that Marines with a military arrest warrant would arrive at daylight to arrest him and kill-on-sight anyone—his family members—obstructing their mission. He had told them to pack what essentials they could and leave immediately, proving he had been at the home by describing in detail what Werfel had cooked on the grill and what show Werfel and his family had been watching on Netflix. The lieutenant explained to his CO that seeing the Werfels enjoying quality family time had stricken him with an intractable moral quandary, for he, too, was a husband and a father. What if roles were reversed, he said. What if Deep Staters skulking in his backyard tried to forcibly separate him from his family? He apologized for compromising the operation but said if again placed in an identical situation, he couldn’t promise he’d act differently, and offered to resign his commission.

Instead of accepting his resignation, JAG charged him with conduct unbecoming an officer, dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting the enemy, and displaying cowardice before an enemy—egregious crimes per the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Our source said the lieutenant was stripped of command and placed under house arrest while JAG weighs whether he should face a General Court Martial or be tried as an enemy combatant at a military tribunal.

“There’s no room in our business for affairs of the heart. His service record was unblemished until last week, and I’m sure that’ll be considered. But he let a Deep Stater escape and could’ve endangered the Marines. In these situations, someone’s head will roll,” our source said.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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