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A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race -5: The 15 Ways to Rig an Election

In our previous article in the breaking news (A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race -2: European Software Company Scytl in Germany), Michael Shrimpton provided 15 ways to steal the election.

In our previous article in the breaking news (A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race -2: European Software Company Scytl in Germany), Michael Shrimpton provided 15 ways to steal the election.

Source: VT Michael Shrimpton

They are:

(1)    Ballot insertion. The CIA are believed to have printed off about 3.75 million watermarked ballots, although Homeland Security, possibly alerted by a spike in demand for watermarked paper, apparently retaliated in August by inserting an additional security feature. (It looks as though the CIA have been caught out by this and most if not all of the fake ballots are now vulnerable, another reason, maybe, why observers had to be kept at a distance in defiance of state electoral laws.) If you have access to people’s voting records, as the CIA does, you can easily work out who the regular non-voters are. The result is an artificially high ‘voter’ turnout, as appears to have happened. I calculate that Biden’s popular ‘vote’ was inflated by at least 2.5 million non-voters. Ballot insertion appears to have taken place mainly at night in swing states after human counters were sent home.

(2)    Destruction of ballots likely to favor a particular candidate – in this election, for example, tens of thousands of military ballots appear to have gone walkies, something I understand that the Pentagon are taking a close look at.

(3)    Theft of ballots. There is eyewitness evidence that requested ballots have not arrived and that people have found that ‘they’ have already voted. US mailboxes tend to be vulnerable to the theft of mail – once you know that ballots are expected in a particular area you just follow the nice man or woman from the Postal Service and nick the ballots once they’re out of sight.

(4)    Voting by illegal aliens. This appears to have been a particular issue in Arizona and Nevada. Joe Biden talked about “the people” having spoken but didn’t explain that he was referring to the people of Guatemala and Mexico as well as the US.

(5)    Voter impersonation.

Source: OAN (November 21, 2020)

(6)    Vote harvesting of mail-in ballots, where one person fills in ballots for a family or group.

(7)    Voter intimidation – not much sign of that this time, but it was scarcely needed since the ballots were so easy to steal or duplicate.

(8)    Bribery. Plenty of that in this race – 50$ Walmart vouchers to senile old folks, for example, by which I mean even more senile than Joe Biden, no offense intended. Walmart should be approached by the Republican Party to report on any unusual uptake on vouchers, which would have been purchased before the election. Not sure why Walmart, but their prices are very reasonable and $50 goes a long way at a Walmart, plus their staff are so pleasant and helpful.

(9)    Software manipulation of electronic voting machines. This appears to be a particular issue with voting machines manufactured by Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems (thanks, general, for tipping me off about that!). Dominion appear to have been penetrated by the CIA. This may be a particular issue in Michigan, where all DVS votes should be hand-checked in a court-ordered recount. The inserted software is designed to switch Trump/Pence votes into Biden/Harris votes. Neat, until you’re caught. I am seeing reporting that one system used was Scytl, with the servers based in Frankfurt Germany, home to the Correa/COREA Group, which ultimately controls the CIA. (I have a heard a whisper that the boys at the Pentagon have seized the servers – the dismissal of Defense Secretary Mark Esper may be linked in.)

Source: “Dominion Officials Refuse to Testify before PA House Committee,” Gateway Pundit (November 21, 2020)

(10)   Filling-in of invalid ballots by corrupt Democrat election workers, one of whom was caught on video, casually watched by an equally corrupt security guard. Of course, it is possible to have corrupt Republicans as well, not least in Massachusetts, but generally speaking Republicans are nice, law-abiding people whereas Democrats tend to be half-crazed global warming nutters, no offense intended, like Senator Coons, who think that Biden is going to save the planet, presumably by moving it into a deeper orbit.

(11)  Double-voting, usually where a person mails in a ballot and then turns up on election day. Again this is not something that we would expect Republicans to do, except in Massachusetts.

(12)  Crossing state lines to vote in a swing state. I’m told this is a particularly popular pastime for Democrats living in Massachusetts near the state line with New Hampshire. Of course, you have to register in New Hampshire with a fake address, but no-one ever checks the address.

(13)  Moving out of a swing state into a non-swing state without re-registering. This seems to be a particular problem in Clark County Nevada, which contains Las Vegas. The expression ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is meant to apply to illicit nooky, not voting in a federal election.

(14)  Counting of late votes, that is to say votes which were posted after polling day. This appears to be a particular issue in Pennsylvania, to the point where state election officials willfully defied a court order to segregate late-arriving voters, and

(15)   Dead voters, that is to say voters who were lawfully registered but died before polling commenced. Again Joe Biden neglected to mention in his victory speech, the most premature announcement of victory since the Chicago Daily Tribune proclaimed Governor Dewey, a.k.a ‘Dodgy Dewey’, as the winner of the 1948 presidential election, that some of the voters who ‘voted’ for him were dead. I don’t mean brain-dead in the Senator Coons sense, no offense intended, but actually dead, as in snuffed it.

All these stealing methods have been utilizing in the 2020 U.S. presidential race in many swing states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Even some states like Virginia, New Mexico, and red states like Alabama, might be used the above stealing methods.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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