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A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race ― SUPER-SPECIAL: Fired 11 High-Profile Advisors

President Trump fired 11 former officials in Pentagon

SUPER-SPECIAL: White House fired 11 high-profile advisors from Defense Policy Board, Pentagon on November 25, a day before the Thanksgivings Holiday. They are:

  1. Henry Kissinger; Secretary of States
  2. Madeleine Albright; Secretary of States
  3. Gary Roughead; Retired Adm., serving as chief a naval operations
  4. Jane Harman; onetime ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee
  5. Rudy De Leon; a former chief operating officer at the Pentagon (once considered by then-Defense Secretary James Mattis for a high-level policy role)
  6. Eric Cantor; former House Majority Leader (adding by Mattis in 2017)
  7. David McCormick; a former Treasury Department undersecretary during the George W. Bush administration (adding by Mattis in 2017)
  8. Jamie Gorelick; A Clinton administration deputy attorney general
  9. Robert Joseph; a chief U.S. nuclear negotiator who convinced Libya to give up weapons of mass destruction
  10. J. D. Crouch II; former Bush Deputy National Security Advisor
  11. Franklin Miller; a former top defense official
Source: AFP PHOTO (Photo by – / AFP) (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)


In order to prevent the leaks from Pentagon, President Trump made this decision. So far, too much information has been leaked from Pentagon. See an article by Stephen Bryen, Trump Asks for an Opinion; His Question Gets Leaked to the Press (

Furthermore, any future operations including massive arrest by President Trump will be secret.

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