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A Coup d’etat – The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race ― SUPER-SPECIAL: The Plan B Is Coming

President Trump might use the Plan B soon after the SCOUS refuses Texas lawsuit

After the Supreme Court refused to accept Texas’s file on December 12, 2020. President Trump (@realDonald Trump) tweeted something (very interesting words) before and after the decision,

Analysis: President Trump has used “coup” for the first time on December 10, 2020. This might change everything! President Trump has the Plan B. If he declassified everything, the martial law will be declared. William Barr seems to be no “supporter” for Trump because he and his department have not investigated anything regarding Hunter Biden before the Election Day. The deadline is December 18 (45 days after the election, based on executive order by Trump 2018) when Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence submits the report to the President of the United States.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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