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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SPECIAL: (02.01) of the White House: Another Attempting Assassination of President Trump

President Trump missed another Assassination

SPECIAL: On January 26, 2021, another attempting assassination of President Trump was failed. Around 3:00 O’clock, someone was trying to kill President trump, but it only broke a special bullet-protecting glass of the window in the Master Bedroom, where President Trump was slept. Around 7:00 O’clock, one of doctor from Quantico arrived at his home to investigate the case. It was determined that the bullet is originated 7mm of Remington Magnum. This killer might shot a bullet from a helicopter from a sea.  

Source: Observe China 中国观察, February 1, 2021

Have you heard about this Def-Con News readers? Can you believe how close we may have come to losing our fearless leader? Are you aware there have been at least ten other assassination attempts on President Trump’s life? Before It’s News reported this attack on the President’s life.

On Tuesday morning at approximately 3:00 am, a sniper’s bullet struck a panoramic casement window on the east wall of Trump’s bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The round might have slain Trump had he not recently replaced tempered glass with Blast Structures International’s bullet resistant glass, which, according to the company’s website, can stop anything less powerful than a .50 round.

A confidential source within Trump’s inner circle told Real Raw News that Trump was asleep in bed, and, a light sleeper, was awakened by the “sharp crack” of the bullet striking glass. The round did not penetrate the glass, but caused a material-science dissipation fracture, or spiderweb pattern.

The strike, our source said, triggered a silent alarm that instantly notified the Palm Beach Police Dept. and Trump’s Secret Service Detail, which sleeps in a guest house ten yards from the main building. Agents whisked Trump to safety, escorting him to a fortified saferoom, and said they’d coordinate with local authorities.

“Trump was adamant no police get involved,” our source said. “He told his guys he wants to keep it in the family. No law enforcement. No media. He was very stern about keeping the media blind to the event. Trump made a phone call, and inside of thirty minutes, some heavy-hitting dudes who were definitely not Secret Service arrived at the estate,” our source said.

The Deep State is desperate to see President Trump dead. They see his demise paramount to their survival. But, more importantly for all of us Patriots, who could possibly lead America back from the inferno we are being thrown into? God speed President Trump. May God bless President Trump. And may God bless the Republic of the United States.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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