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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SUPER-SPECIAL: (02.10) of the White House: Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Revealed!

James Clapper revealed secrets of VP Pence and Justice Roberts and others

SUPER-SPECIAL: James Clapper, for Obama Administration, talks about secrets of VP Pence and Justice John Roberts, watching:

Source: Observe CCP 中国观察 透视中共, February 9, 2021

Source: DaveWaterbury , January 30, 2021

Analysis: If former Director of National Intelligence in Obama Administration, James Robert Clapper, Jr. is talking to an interrogator, he might be arrested. He revealed many dirty tricks, such as homosexual activities, sex trafficking with minor, importantly planning to remove President Trump from the office with many prominent figures, such VP Mike Pence, Rod Rosenstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Mitt Romney, Justice John Roberts, and Paul Ryan. If these stories are true, Clapper will deserve a capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, under the law.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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