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The Chaotic Era in IR ― SPECIAL: (06.26) of the White House: John Brennan Hanged at GITMO

John Brennan hanged at Gitmo

SPECIAL: John Brennan hanged at Gitmo, and read in the below (according RRN):

John Brennan Hanged at GITMO

By Michael Baxter -June 14, 2021

The psychopath John Brennan is no more.

On Monday, June 7, Brennan shared Hillary Clinton’s macabre fate—death by hanging after a military tribunal convicted him of murder and treason. Unlike Clinton, who remained steadfastly silent until the very moment the noose was slipped around her neck, a loudmouthed Brennan cussed out the guards who offered him a last respite, which he declined, berated his MP escort to gallows, and rebuked the small assembly of military and civilian personnel who had gathered near the Windward Point Lighthouse to witness his death.

In fact, Brennan had scarcely shut his mouth in the weeks between conviction and execution, said a GITMO source speaking on condition of anonymity. He told Real Raw News that Brennan availed himself of every opportunity to express contempt at the U.S. military and the citizenry. Brennan spent much of his incarceration deriding Donald J. Trump, calling him society’s great mistake and a threat to national security. He said Trump ought to have been “aborted.”

His swaggering bravado, however, did not stop GITMO staff from escorting him to gallows early that morning. At precisely 8:00 a.m., he climbed atop the same apparatus that was used to execute Hillary Clinton less than two months prior. Shackled at the wrists and bound at the ankles, he stood on the trap door that would swing open beneath his feet when Vice Adm. John G. Hannink ordered the 5-man execution detail to push the circular red buttons affixed to the lattice framework.

Vice Adm. Hannink reminded the detail to press the buttons in synchronicity, after, and only after, he issued the ‘execute’ command. Only one button would trigger the ghoulish device, and no soldier would ever know if his button ended Brennan’s life.

“Your all pussies and cowards, especially you, Adm. Hannink. I don’t see the three cowardly officers who passed sentence on me here, either. Where are they? No stomach. Where’s Trump? I figured he ain’t got the testicular fortitude to watch his handiwork in action. He’s a fucking pussy, and you’re all cowards and liars for following him. Let’s get this over with. I ain’t scared of shit,” Brennan said, as an MP slipped the noose around his neck.

Vice Adm. Hannink approached the gallows and tilted his head to meet Brennan’s menacing stare.

“This is not about Donald J. Trump. This is about you and the actions you’ve taken in the name of evil. Trump just had the guts to get the ball rolling, but one way or another, with or without Trump, your fate was sealed the moment you participated in the murders of innocent civilians. Trump may have been the catalyst, but you’re here because, frankly, you’re one evil sonofabitch,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

“Do your master’s bidding; I’ll see you and Trump in hell,” Brennan retorted.

The ‘execute’ command was given, and the door beneath Brennan’s feet swung downward. His neck snapped, and the rope was cut. Brennan’s lifeless body lie motionless on a patch of grass. A military physician felt for a pulse and declared Brennan dead.

“Today justice has been served,” Vice Adm. Hannink said to the assembly.

Brennan’s death, the latest Deep State casualty, was heralded as a moment of triumph among upper echelon brass involved in the Deep State purge.

Source: 观察中国 Observe China, June 17, 2021

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