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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (02.09.2022) in the White House: National Guard Doctors Find Hospitals Empty of COVID Patients

National guard doctors find hospitals empty of covid patients

SPECIAL: National guard doctors find hospitals empty of covid patients, according to RRN, and the full text is in the below:

National Guard Doctors Find Hospitals Empty of Covid Patients

By Mike Baxter -January 18, 2022

On Monday, the criminal Biden administration and its complicit states’ governors activated a program that deployed 1,000 military medical workers to six U.S. states to help hospitals besieged by an imaginary crisis—a non-existent surge of Omicron patients.

But physicians attached to the New Jersey Army National Guard, Task Force Secaucus, found their assigned location, Hudson Regional Hospital, empty of even a single Covid patient, said Lt. Michael McKenzie, a physician assistant.

Lt. McKenzie and 11 other Guardsmen—doctors, nurses, and physician assistants—were dispatched to the hospital with the impression its ICU was at-capacity and packed with deathly ill Omicron patients. Their duty was to relieve “overwhelmed” hospital staff, so the hospital’s existing medical professionals could focus their attention on non-Omicron patients.

“We were all surprised. I mean—we got told Omicron patients inundated the hospital. That’s not what we saw. Four of the hospital’s 14 ICU beds were occupied, but none with Covid patients,” Lt. McKenzie told Real Raw News.

The Guardsmen, he added, examined each patient’s medical chart. Not one mentioned Covid-19 as a reason for hospital admission. Two were cardiac patients. One had taken a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The other had been admitted for maladies not linked to Covid-19.

Interestingly, Lt. McKenzie said he was present when his CO asked hospital administrators why, if the hospital had no Covid patients, the National Guardsmen were there at all, as their orders expressly stated they were at the hospital to mitigate an Omicron surge.

“CO got told ‘I have nothing to do with your men being here. You’re here, I guess, because President Biden and Governor Phil Murphy want you here. Personally, I view your presence at this hospital a disruption and an inconvenience.’ CO made some phone calls. I guess he told his CO weren’t any Covid cases here, but we were told to stay at the hospital,” Lt. McKenzie said.

Moreover, not only was the hospital devoid of Covid-19 patients, but it was also short on staff. Lt. McKenzie said he saw “hardly any” hospital doctors or nurses patrolling the labyrinth of corridors or peeking their heads in patients’ rooms. Curious, he took it upon himself to discretely question a nurse and an orderly as to why Hudson Regional was short-staffed. He got two disparate answers.

“First, I was told many doctors and nurses had Omicron themselves and had to isolate at home until they tested negative. Then I got told the staffing issue was because the hospital fired 1/3 of its staff for refusing to get vaccinated. One thing’s for sure: someone isn’t telling the truth,” Lt. McKenzie said.

In closing, RRN reached out to both the NJ Army National Guard and Hudson Regional for comments. A Guard spokesperson refused to comment, and a member of the hospital’s administrative staff, Beth Johnson, said, “It’s hospital policy to not give specific information on who is hospitalized here or why. I can tell you 7 of 14 ICU beds are in use.”

Her statement alone contradicts Gov. Murphy’s assertion that Hudson Regional is “at capacity.”

Note: For those curious, Cheney’s tribunal did not begin until this morning, 10:00 a.m. GITMO time. I probably will not receive an update until late tonight and will publish on it tomorrow morning.

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