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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (02.27.2022) in the White House: Deep State War on Trump Continues

Deep State war on Trump continues

SPECIAL: Deep State war on Trump continues according to RRN, the full text is in the below:

Deep State War on Trump Continues

By Michael Baxter -February 11, 2022

The Deep State and its liberal media allies have an unhealthy obsession with Donald J. Trump, someone they’ve labeled irrelevant and inconsequential. Nonetheless, they dedicate to him an inordinate amount of coverage, often using him as a centerpiece of broadcast news and spurious documentaries meant to malign actions he took for the betterment of the nation. The media’s newest drivel centers on accusations that Trump grabbed White House documents and brought them to Mar-a-Lago after Biden and his handlers stole the 2020 election. This allegation is partly true, but the MSM has no comprehension of the gravitas of exactly what Trump pilfered prior to leaving the White House for his Mar-a-Lago command center.

A Mar-a-Lago source in daily contact with Trump told Real Raw News that 45 had triggered the Insurrection Act of 1807 before departing Washington, and in doing so ceded civilian authority to “White Hat” military commanders whose unshakable adherence to the Constitution had placed them in Trump’s good graces. Once activated, the Insurrection Act can be switched off, so to speak, by only two parties: Trump himself, or the person he entrusted to uphold the rights and freedoms Americans hold dear, in this case Marine Corps General David H. Berger.

Gen. Berger, our source said, was aware of the 27,950 sealed indictments which Trump and acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen had authored ahead of January 20, 2021.

“Berger and Vice Adm. Hannink told Trump to take the indictments with him and leave no copies behind. Trump knew this, of course, and wouldn’t have left the illegitimate admin. info on who had been singled out for arrest. They were cautionary messages. So, yes, President Trump absolutely took that paperwork with him. He wasn’t going to leave it sitting around for the Deep State to find, which would have clued them in to the people the military was actively investigating,” our source said.

The MSM, however, armed only with knowledge that Trump had taken “some paperwork”—a nebulous statement—is perpetrating the false notion that he swiped documents that could be sold to foreign actors and compromise national security.

“Nothing is farther from the truth. When Trump gave the military provisional control over domestic authority, he was protecting this country, working to finally give them permission to pursue, capture, and incarcerate wrongdoers that want to strip citizens of their God-given rights. They’re deathly afraid of Trump, fearful he’ll soon return and make known the corruption that’s been going on. That’s why they’re obsessed with him. They say Trump is a man of the past. If so, why give him so much coverage? The papers Trump took were to protect this nation, not damage it,” our source said.

RRN’s source in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps confirmed receipt of an “incalculable” number of sealed indictments, many of which are currently under active investigation.

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