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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (5.17.2022) in the White House: Trump VS. Alex Jones

According to RRN Trump completed to cut off with Alex Jones

SPECIAL: According to RRN Trump completed to cut off with Alex Jones, and the full text is in the below:

Trump to Alex Jones: “You’re Fired, Traitor!”

By Michael Baxter -May 1, 2022

“…You’re fired, traitor!”

President Donald J. Trump’s signature phrase echoed through the Mar-a-Lago War Room during a heated Friday evening phone call with boisterous Infowars host Alex Jones, who had called Trump to request a $5.5m loan to offset potential bankruptcy losses, according to multiple sources at Trump’s Florida command center.

Jones, whose estimated net worth hovers at $135m (Forbes, 2022), is currently under fire by both the criminal Biden Regime’s Justice Department and the alleged relatives of Sandy Hook victims who claim he defamed them by asserting they were crisis actors. On April 18, Infowars filed Chapter 11, with its lawyers curiously claiming the company has only $50,000 in assets.

Regardless, Trump’s verbal evisceration of Jones had nothing to do with money; rather, he had recently confirmed allegations that Jones had made friendly overtures to the Justice Department. In exchange for “making Sandy Hook go away and taking me off your radar,” Jones promised to “flip” on Trump and supply the Justice Dept. with enough information to indict an additional 600 persons who were at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The quotes above come from audiotape obtained by Trump’s investigators while probing Jones’ relations with the Justice Dept. RRN was not told how they obtained the audio, but the voices on the recording were clearly that of Jones and Assistant Attorney General Christopher H. Schroeder, who for reasons unknown declined Jones’ offer.

“I’m sitting on a ‘kill switch’ that could bring down Trump tomorrow, no Today. All I need from you is a promise in writing with your and Garland’s signatures, and we’ll make it happen,” Jones could be heard gruffly saying.

“Yeah, well, we’re really not interested in talking to you,” Schroeder clapped back. “We don’t need your help with Trump.”

Jones and Trump have had a contentious past—sometimes friends, sometimes allies, sometimes an air of indifference. But on April 18, 2018, Jones used his platform to launch a maniacal, sprawling tantrum against President Trump, telling his listeners that Trump was “a piece of crap and a fraud” for authorizing cruise missile strikes on Syria. Tempers cooled, for a while. Then, on Christmas 2021, Jones called Trump “the most evil man in the world” for encouraging his followers to get vaxxed. Trump has since admitted he’d been duped and “made a mistake,” but, according to sources, has distanced himself from an increasingly hostile and untrustworthy Jones.

“When President Trump heard, then confirmed, that Jones was trying to get buddy-buddy with Justice, he blew a gasket. But he was willing to let it go, just cut ties with Jones completely and forever. And then he gets a call from Jones asking for money. That didn’t sit right with President Trump,” said a Mar-a-Lago source.

“After all I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me, with treason. In the last six years, I’ve doubled—tripled your traffic, and you go crying like a turncoat to those election thieves. We’re through, I better not see your face again,” Trump reportedly thundered at Jones.

The call, which Trump put on speakerphone, was overheard by at least five people, our source said.

Rather than disconnect with dignity, Jones concocted an elaborate story, saying he never intended to backstab Trump but was instead trying to worm his way into the Justice Department’s framework, so, as a double agent, he could clandestinely feed Trump the department’s plans.

Stephen K. Bannon, present at the time, told Trump to “hang up on the treasonous bastard,” a source said.

“Consider yourself fired. You’re fired, traitor!” Trump barked as he ended the call.

“Trump has put out word. Infowars and Jones are persona non grata and won’t be getting anymore info from Team Trump,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.

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