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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (6.20.2022) in the White House: JAG Amends Method of Execution

According to RRN JAG amends method of execution

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG amends method of execution, and a full text is in the below:

JAG Amends Method of Execution

By Michael Baxter -June 9, 2022

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has amended how it will carry out future Deep State executions, a JAG source told Real Raw News. In the last two years all but two convicted Deep Staters were hanged by the neck until dead, a process JAG now says is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mishaps. As a result, anyone convicted of capitol crime and sentenced to death will get a bullet to the brain.

Our source said JAG made the decision after weighing the cost and man-hours of past hangings against the cost of a few bullets. The practice of hanging a man, he said, involves more than simply stringing him up and flipping a switch. Ahead of each hanging, members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers arrive at GITMO to inspect the gallows, to ensure it functions properly, and remain there until the condemned is pronounced dead. But even their expertise hasn’t prevented mishaps; the execution of pedophile Bill Gates, for example, showed that improper rope measurement causes a prolonged, painful death.

Also, some executions were delayed pending the arrival of military brass, and sometimes politicians, who had to fly in from the mainland to witness the event.

More influential in JAG’s ruling, perhaps, is what Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall has called “gallows theatrics.” The interim between sentencing and execution has given flamboyant, grandstanding, unrepentant Deep Staters much time to sharpen their Thespian skills for melodramatic pre-execution productions. They have run the gamut from demonic incantations to alleged religious reformation, from final words laced with every profanity under the sun to acts of sexual depravity.

Once known for staying calm under pressure—and sometimes ribbing Deet Staters in their final moments of life—Vice Adm. Crandall has shown signs of frustration at recent executions, and referred to himself as a “circus ringmaster” after a lascivious Alec Baldwin dropped to his death.

“The admiral discussed his concerns with his juniors, and they agreed hangings take too long and are filled with too much theatre. They reached a consensus. From now on the convicted will be executed within 24 hours of sentencing, by gunfire instead of a noose,” our source said.

Asked how JAG would screen future firing squads, he shockingly said a “single Marine” would bear the burden of executing the condemned, and a backup would be readily available “just in case.”

This is a sharp deviation from historical practice. A firing squad is normally composed of several soldiers, all of whom are instructed to fire simultaneously, thus preventing both disruption of the process by one member and identification of who fired the lethal shot.

“Although we’re talking about hardened Marines, psychological screening will take place, and it’s more efficient to briefly screen one or two Marines than seven to ten. Speaking for myself, why use 10 rounds of ammunition if one or two will do the job just as well. It’s not like anyone’s aiming for arms and legs,” our source said.

“There’s no written rule specifying the number of men. It can be one, it can be 20,” he added.

In closing, he told RRN that prospective candidates will be chosen entirely from a pool of volunteers, of which there are many.

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