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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (7.14.2022) in the White House: Independence Day Shooter War ANTIFA

ccording to RRN an independence day shooter was ANTIFA, not a Trump supporter

SPECIAL: According to RRN an independence day shooter was ANTIFA, not a Trump supporter, and the full text is in the below:

Independence Day Shooter Was ANTIFA, not a Trump Supporter

By Michael Baxter -July 5, 2022

Several mainstream media outlets on Monday wasted no time labelling the Independence Day killer, Robert Crimo, a Trump supporter, citing as evidence social media posts that show Crimo draped in a Trump flag and attending Trump rallies and Qanon gatherings. The photos seemed authentic, but Crimo was no supporter of Donald J. Trump. To the contrary, the six-foot-tall, 120lb. self-proclaimed rapper, who used the moniker “Awake the Rapper,” was an ANTIFA activist who picked the 4th of July to carry out his murderous spree because he hates America and White privilege.

From a rooftop perch Crimo murdered six and wounded 20 with what the MSM and criminal Biden regime have called a “high-powered” rifle, a nebulous term liberals use in describing any firearm more powerful than an Airsoft gun. Crimo’s theater of operation was the predominately White neighborhood of Highland Park, Il., not inner-city Chicago. He initially fled the scene but was later apprehended by local law enforcement and federal agents following a brief car chase.

An Illinois FBI field agent speaking under condition of anonymity gave Real Raw News data points that, if true, prove the MSM and government are conspiring to conceal Crimo’s true allegiance and reason for murdering innocent parade-goers.

According to him, law enforcement found in Crimo’s pockets a hastily written 3-page manifesto detailing his disdain for “White America.” In sprawling text styled as rap stanzas, Crimo decried “White privilege,” called for the downfall of “White America,” and beseeched Kamala Harris and AOC to wage war against “White establishment.”

“During interrogation Mr. Crimo was asked to reconcile his manifesto with images of him wearing MAGA regalia. He told the Agent in Charge, “C’mon, do I look MAGA to you? Do I look like I support the orange man?” He admitted he attended MAGA events wearing MAGA paraphernalia to mock Donald Trump and his supporters, not align with them. He also spoke to the rise of ANTIFA,” our source said.

Moreover, Crimo, a biological male, self-identified as a female and told investigators he was taking progesterone therapy while awaiting approval for government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded sexual reassignment surgery. Although Crimo reportedly earned income through his music, he was a Medicaid recipient. On March 23, 2010, Hussein Obama’s Obamacare Act barred insurance companies from categorically excluding coverage for sex change procedures.

“This is a very evil, very disturbed, very confused kid,” our source said of 22-year-old Crimo, who has facial tattoos and partly orange hair,” our source said.

Crimo, he added, likened himself to Joaquin Phoenix’s the Joker in the homonymous motion picture. In it, the movie’s titular character inspires a violent counter-culture revolution against the wealthy.

Lastly, Crimo told federal investigators his killing spree was partly inspired by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Soon I’ll officially be a woman, and I don’t want whities telling me what I can or cannot do with my body,” Crimo reportedly said.

“When investigators asked him where he got his weapon, Crimo laughed manically, saying it was ‘a gift.’ He then shut up and demanded a lawyer,” our source said.

“FBI Director Christopher Wray was made aware of Crimo’s partial confession. Wray sent down orders to not explicitly mention ANTIFA,” our source said in closing.

By Cloudy Dragon

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