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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (9.4.2022) in the White House: Brian Stelter Arrested

According to RRN Brian Stelter arrested

SPECIAL: According to RRN Brian Stelter arrested, and a full text is in the below:

Brian Stelter Arrested

By Michael Baxter -August 29, 2022

The U.S. military on Saturday arrested liberal “woke” activist and former CNN host Brian Stelter on charges of child molestation and possession of child pornography near his family’s posh condominium on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

The arrest comes less than two weeks after CNN canned Stelter. Communist News Network spokespersons had cited declining ratings and serving too niche an audience as reasons for cancelling Stelter’s long-running “Reliable Sources.”

JAG, however, believes that CNN created excuses, a smokescreen, to conceal its true reason for terminating Stelter’s employment. If true, Stelter’s sudden departure had nothing to do with his wokeness or the show’s abysmal ratings and everything to do with his predilection for pedophilia.

“Stelter got too hot for CNN to handle,” our source said. “It’s likely the knew about his diseased mind for a long time and protected him, and paid off parents of victims to keep their mouths shut. CNN’s already mired in corruption, and a scandal like this could’ve sunk the network.”

The military, he said, took interest in Stelter after he had on 25 January sermonized an 8th grade class in Rockwood Park, New York, on how to spot media disinformation and report it to the proper authorities—namely him and CNN. During the class, Stelter also sermonized children on the importance of getting multiple Covid shots and numerous boosters, and he offered tips on how to shame “anti-vax” parents into accepting vaccines as a necessity for life.

Of course, free speech and opinions are not crimes. But a 36-year-old man touching a 13-year-old boy’s crotch and asking, “does this feel good?” is among the most heinous of imaginable offenses.

According to a JAG affidavit, a boy identified only as “Adam” approached Stelter after class to offer his thoughts on Covid-19 vaccinations, telling the portly pedo that neither he nor his parents had been vaccinated and had no intention of risking their health to an experimental vaccine. “We don’t like the vaccines,” Adam said. At that point Stelter cupped his palm over the boy’s genitals and, grinning like a Cheshire cat, said, “How about this. Do you like this? I saw you eyeing me in class.” More repulsed than frightened, Adam rebuffed Stelter’s advance and called him a “sick, twisted f***.”

Although the interaction occurred in a blind spot, Adam had been wise enough to switch on his cell phone’s recording app, not because he anticipated molestation but because he wanted to challenge Stelter’s stance on vaccine adherence and post the clip to social media. Adam’s parents, though fuming mad, had forbid him from disseminating the clip online and instead surrendered a copy to the district attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York, our source said.

“The way Adam was holding the camera—it doesn’t show Stelter’s face in the shot, just a hand mauling his genitals. From what we know, the district attorney’s office would not seek an indictment for that reason and because it couldn’t authenticate Stelter’s voice. Also, they said lack of witnesses. I doubt they really even looked for any. Our people at U.S. Army Cyber Command said they’re 100% certain it’s Stelter’s voice, and a ring on his finger is a match for a wedding band seen in other photos of him. For reasons of operational security, I can’t say now how we took possession of the video clip or how we made contact with Adam’s parents, but that will come out at Stelter’s tribunal,” our source said.

The Judge Advocate General’s Corps, he added, thought it highly unlikely that Adam’s story was an isolated incident and thus began a comprehensive background check on Stelter. JAG now claims to have irrefutable proof that Stelter had molested or made inappropriate advances to at least eight children between 2013-2022, the length of his stay at CNN.

“Federal and State authorities gave him a pass, but we weren’t about to do the same. We had more than enough proof to issue a military arrest warrant in his name,” our source said.

On the morning of August 27, plainclothes JAG investigators intercepted Stelter as he left his condominium and showed him a copy of the warrant before seizing a laptop cradled under his left arm. A sniveling Stelter did not resist but spent ten minutes proclaiming his innocence.

“The laptop has since been examined forensically and was found to hold literally tens of thousands of child pornography pictures and videos. Needless to say, this doesn’t look good for him,” our source said.

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