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The SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Donald Trump ― SPECIAL: (10.1.2022) in the White House: EAS on Standby for Midterms

According to RRN EAS on standby for midterms

SPECIAL: According to RRN EAS on standby for midterms, and a full text is in the below:

EAS on Standby for Midterms

By Michael Baxter -September 18, 2022

If the Deep State Democrats cheat their way to victory in the November midterms, President Donald J. Trump will implore the U.S. military to trigger the Emergency Alert System (EAS), White Hat sources told Real Raw News.

The EAS, formerly called the Emergency Broadcast System, was established in 1963 to alert Americans in time of war and was in later years expanded for use during peacetime emergencies at state and local levels. Until recently, the nation’s most contemptible police force, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, had control of the EAS—until the White Hat partition of the U.S. military seized it during a brazen assault on FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold last March. When activated, the EAS, in brief, overrides local and cable broadcasts and transmits an audio tone and a text message to cellular phones. It is somewhat similar to but more powerful than the Amber Alert System and the National Weather Service’s severe weather notification system.

Over the last few months, President Trump and White Hats have disagreed on when exactly the EAS should be activated. For example: When the FBI raided and occupied Mar-a-Lago, Trump beseeched Marine Corps General David H. Berger to spin up the EAS, saying the nation was under siege. But Gen. Berger, having consulted his team, argued that an isolated incident, though unlawful and unconstitutional, should not constitute a national crisis. Had the FBI raided Trump’s other properties, or illegally detained Trump, he would have considered engaging the EAS. Trump had ultimately concurred with Gen. Berger’s assessment, saying that prematurely triggering the EAS could backfire and play into the Deep State’s hands.

Nonetheless, Trump said the military must use the EAS if the Deep State steals the midterms, for the results will affect the 2024 presidential election.

Gen. Berger had no issue with that.

If the Deep State sweeps hotly contested senate, state, and regional races, a chain of events will take place: once victors are announced, U.S. Army Cyber Command and U.S.M.C. Forces Cyberspace Command will conduct an independent investigation. They will evaluate not only the Senate and House of Representatives, but also analyze gubernatorial and mayoral races. Even county judge results could face intense scrutinization. The joint cyber command force will also look to see if illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities had cast ballots.

Then, if election theft is proven, White Hats will switch on the EAS. An image of the U.S. flag flown upside down will appear on cell phones and televisions across the nation. Patriots should recognize this as a sign of national distress. Sources told Real Raw News this should not be interpreted as an immediate call to arms, as the military does not want citizens caught in the crossfire when it storms state and federal buildings and drags treasonous officials into the streets, in chains.

“This won’t be time for a civilian uprising,” a source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told RRN. “We want all patriots to hang their flags upside down, to spread the word, not get themselves killed. We have people who have been training for this day for a very, very long time. If things go south and we need patriot assistance, we will send out a follow up message explicitly stating that. Otherwise, we don’t want to see the Wild West in America’s streets.”

In addition, White Hats wish patriots would stop posting selfies of themselves and their firearms on social media.

“People who do this are inviting the ATF to knock at their door. It’s problematic. Yes, we all have First and Second Amendment rights, but now is not the time to invite trouble. If we eventually need help, and I emphasize the word “if,” we won’t have it people have had their firearms confiscated,” our source said.

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