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MAGA VS. Establishment (12.3.2022) in 2024 Presidential Election: Another Vaxxed Pilot Crashes and Burns

According to RRN another vaxxed pilot crashes and burns

SPECIAL: According to RRN another vaxxed pilot crashes and burns, and the full text is in the below:

Another Vaxxed Pilot Crashes and Burns

By Michael Baxter -November 23, 2022

A recently boosted pilot for WBTV, a CNN affiliate, died Tuesday afternoon when the helicopter he was piloting spiraled out of control and crashed in a field near Interstate 77, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Passenger Jason Myers, a meteorologist, also perished in the  wreck.

Although the National Transportation Safety Board has yet to release a preliminary accident report, two sources at WBTV told Real Raw News that pilot Chip Tayag had received a fourth Covid-19 vaccination four hours ahead of the fateful flight. They would only comment under condition of anonymity because, they said, WBTV legal issued a directive to all employees—avoid mentioning vaccines when discussing the crash, or don’t discuss it at all, on or off air.

Many employees at WBTV’s Charlotte Studio knew that Tayag was freshly vaxxed because he openly bragged about his vaccine status and beseeched coworkers to stay current on their vaccine regimens.

“Chip loved his vaccines,” one source said. “If he heard someone wasn’t up on their boosters, he’d say something. That morning he was at the studio to grab Jason. Chip was smiling and pointing to little band aid on his arm and telling folks he got another shot per CDC recommendations. He was fine then, looked healthy and was cracking jokes.

A second source affirmed the story, adding that Tayag was a skilled and competent pilot with 20 years of flight experience and thousands of hours of flight time on the station’s Robinson R44 chopper, the world’s best-selling general aviation helicopter since 1999. Built by Robinson Helicopter Company, the R44 has an excellent safety record; pilots say it’s reliable, dependable, quick, and easy to maintain.

RRN has been unable to get the maintenance records of WBTV’s R-44.

“We’ll wait and hear what NTSB has to say, but I’m having a hard time believing Chip lost control of the bird. He was too good for that. I hate to think the vaccine did him in; I got a couple of shots myself,” a source said.

Real Raw News is not ascribing WBTV’s fatalities to the clot shot, as substantive evidence is needed. However, there is an undeniable correlation between the vaccines and pilots falling ill or dropping dead midflight.

Real Raw News began reporting on these phenomena in September 2021, when USAF pilots started resigning en masse in protest of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s vaccination mandate, and after their vaccinated brethren began plunging from clear blue skies in what the DoD called “training accidents.” On October 15, 2021, the vaxxed pilot in the number 1 seat on an American Airlines A320 suffered a heart attack due to acute myocarditis. The copilot’s reflexes stopped the airframe from falling out of the sky.

Now, the regime’s HHS wants to reimpose mask and vaccination mandates, which could endanger the lives of even more naïve sheeple. Yesterday the regime used a prop to scare people into getting tested and boosted before the Thanksgiving travel rush. A facsimile of the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, also known as Doctor Death, appeared alongside administration Spokesdemon Karine Jean-Pierre in a replica of the White House Briefing Room before a press pool that has long abetted the regime’s charade. One reporter, though, flipped the script and challenged the fake Fauci on the origins of the virus. The body double or projection was apparently coached to answer only softball questions, prompting Jean-Pierre to erupt in a maniacal tirade and end the briefing prematurely.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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