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MAGA VS. Establishment (12.21.2022) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG “Interviews” Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

According to RRN JAG “interviews” former acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG “interviews” former acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf, and the full text is in the below:

JAG “Interviews” Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

By Michael Baxter -December 10, 2022

JAG investigators Saturday morning “interviewed” former acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, less than 12 hours after journalist Matt Taibbi, via Elon Musk, revealed that Twitter’s ex-Head of Trust & Safety Yoel Roth had colluded with alphabet agencies—including the DHS and FBI—to censor, besmirch, and malign President Trump both before and after Election Day, essentially staging a digital coup against a sitting president.

Wolf helmed the DHS during that contentious phase.

JAG wanted to know if Wolf participated in or had knowledge of the DHS-Twitter conversations.

Wolf, a JAG source told Real Raw News, was neither formally charged nor arrested when investigators arrived at the doorstep of his Virginia home early Saturday morning to “interview” him. Wolf and his wife, Hope, cheerily invited investigators inside, even offering them coffee and croissants. When investigators asked whether Wolf had seen Taibbi’s telling Tweets, Wolf said he had not, and categorically denied involvement in and knowledge of any DHS plot aimed at toppling President Trump.

“If anything like that happened, it happened behind my back. I’ve only said good things about Trump. He’s my friend,” Wolf reportedly said.

Investigators wondered how Wolf, who micromanaged the DHS, could have been oblivious to acts of treason beneath his nose.

“DHS employs somewhere around 150,000 people, but I’m sure you know that. I can’t testify to what 150,000 people did at any moment in time. If you’re implying I had a role in this mess, you’re wrong. Call Trump, ask him. He’ll tell you there’s no way I’m mixed up in whatever is you think is going on,” Wolf said.

“We did call him,” investigators said.

“Admiral Crandall reviewed Matt Taibbi’s Tweets and felt JAG had justification to interview Wolf. Because Wolf and Trump are friends, Admiral Crandall gave Trump advance notice that JAG investigators would be questioning him. Trump gave the admiral carte blanch and said ‘Do what needs to be done. Get to the bottom of this. You have my blessing,’” our source said.

Upon hearing that Trump approved the interview, Wolf for a moment gaped at the investigators in stunned silence, then said, “Like I said, I don’t know a thing, but you’ll have my full cooperation.”

Investigators spent 30 minutes in the Wolf household, asking probing questions but getting no incriminating answers.

The investigators bid them good day, saying they’d probably have additional questions in the near future, to which Wolf replied, “Anytime. I have nothing to hide.” They were about to depart when the lead investigator, hand on the doorknob, pulled a Columbo: “Just one more thing. Right after Trump appointed you, you had three meetings in three days with Kirstjen Nielsen. We know she worked under Bush and for the World Economic Forum—”

“—what’s that have to do with me,” Wolf interjected.

“Probably nothing,” an investigator said. “Trump is anti-WEF, isn’t he?”

“I believe so, and since you’re obviously going to ask, Kirstjen was filling me in on the job. That’s why we met,” Wolf said.

But she wasn’t your immediate predecessor—that would be Kevin McAleenan.”

“McAleenan only filled the role six months. He wasn’t positioned to advise me,” Wolf said.

“Thanks for clearing that up,” the lead investigator said, and with his partner left the Wolf residence.

In closing, Wolf on the surface seems to be the quintessential Republican conservative—unlike others who served under Trump, Wolf has no ties to Democrat administrations. Despite his old role as honcho of the DHS, a criminal agency forged in the fires of 9/11, Wolf garnered high praise among conservatives for his role in helping Trump secure the country’s southern border.

“No one here is saying Wolf’s guilty, but we must turn over every stone. A lot of Trump’s people turned on him. We’d be doing Trump and the United States a disservice by not investigating every lead,” our source said.

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