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MAGA VS. Establishment (5.6.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!

According RRN JAG sentences Lori Lightfoot to death

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG sentences Lori Lightfoot to death, and the full text is in the below:

JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!

By Michael Baxter -April 16, 2023

Lori Lightfoot acted like a rampaging baboon Wednesday morning upon entering GITMO’s south courtroom and coming face-to-face with Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall, whom he had seen only once, and briefly, since arriving at Guantanamo Bay on March 19. Lightfoot growled and snarled and curled his lip; his crazy eyes mad-dogged the admiral. Lightfoot threatened to sue Adm. Crandall for reputational harm and mental duress, $100m for each day he’d suffered in a Camp Delta cell. He said he would soon own GITMO and fill it with Trump supporters.

“Delusions of grandeur are common among your people,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “And by ‘your people’ I refer to your affiliation with the Deep State, not your race or how you gender identify,” he clarified.

As reported previously, at the time of Lightfoot’s arrest, he had an emotional and mental breakdown, wiggling free of his pants and flashing a schlong at JAG investigators. He had objected when the intake officer noted down his sex as “biological male.”

Now, Lightfoot took offense to the admiral’s clarification.

“I am a woman,” Lightfoot shouted.

“You are a detainee,” Adm. Crandall corrected him.

He had begun an opening statement, telling the panel that JAG had a witness, a former employee in the Chicago Mayor’s office, who would testify that Lightfoot bragged about getting cash in exchange for enforcing Covid lockdowns—although he would’ve done it for free—when detainee Lightfoot rudely interrupted him.

“She’s a liar!”

“Detainee Lightfoot, I will give you the same choice I’ve given others of your ilk: observe decorum or be gagged,” Adm. Crandall said.

“You don’t frighten me. I will be heard,” Lightfoot retorted.

The two MPs lurking behind Lightfoot suddenly handcuffed and gagged him.

After a minute, Adm. Crandall summoned the witness, Lightfoot’s former Deputy Mayor of Intergovernmental Affairs. Lightfoot must have thought Adm. Crandall intended to call a different person to the stand, for the witness, Manny Perez, was a man.

Adm. Crandall asked a few ordinary questions, establishing Mr. Perez’s background and educational and employment history. He then asked Mr. Perez whether JAG had promised anything for his testimony.

“No, sir, I was not,” Mr. Perez said.

“And so we’re clear, your testimony is voluntary, is that correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And why have you decided to give testimony today, Mr. Perez?”

“To clear my conscience, so eventually people will know the truth about Lori Lightfoot,” Mr. Perez said.

“How would you characterize the defendant, based on the considerable length of time you were in her presence?” asked Adm. Crandall.

“She’s a narcissistic, hubristic bitch who thought she owned Chicago, sir,” Mr. Perez replied.

Lightfoot was mumbling into his gag.

The admiral asked further innocuous questions before getting to the point. “Mr. Perez, on or around March 20, 2020, did the defendant speak openly about accepting bribes for endorsing and enacting unlawful lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, effectively enforcing medical Martial Law?”

“Well, sir, yes and no. She boasted about getting a $10m check from the NIH, but to be accurate, it was Governor Pritzker who issued a disaster proclamation. Lori followed his lead,” Mr. Perez said.

“We’ll be dealing with Gov. Pritzker soon enough,” Adm. Crandall said. “To the best of your knowledge, Mr. Perez, did Gov. Pritzker order Lori Lightfoot to order the Chicago Police Department to harass, fine, and even arrest maskless residents?”

“He did not. That was Lori’s idea,” Mr. Perez admitted.

“And isn’t it true, Mr. Perez, again to your knowledge, that Gov. Pritzker asked Lori Lightfoot if the number of Covid cases in Illinois at the time warranted a disaster order, and that Lightfoot, for lack of better wording, told Gov. Pritzker that both of their political careers hinged on making that order happen?”

“That is true. I did overhear several phone calls to that effect.”

“But he didn’t have to heed her advice. He’s the governor, after all, and Lightfoot was just a mayor. Or was she effectively more than that?”

“A lot of officials in Illinois, in and out of Chicago, called Lori for advice, and they usually followed it,” Mr. Perez said.

“Whose idea was it to have the Chicago Dept. of Public health institute a door-to-door vaccination program in inner-city Chicago, and to shame those who questioned vaccine safety?

“That was Lori’s idea.”

“And whose idea was it to have the Chicago PD raid homes to make sure everyone in that home actually lived there…let me expound. The PD went to 145 homes in March, April, and May of 2020 based on “if you see something, say something” tips claiming that homeowners invited non-resident family members to functions like an Easter dinner. The police raided those homes, arrested or fined homeowners and tenants, and kicked out family members that weren’t on a lease, mortgage, or other official documents. In several cases, people were forcefully quarantined. Can you confirm this is correct, and state for the record who gave these orders?”

“Yes, it’s true. And it was Lori,” Mr. Perez said.

The admiral segued back to the $10m check. “Did you find it strange, Mr. Perez, when the defendant wantonly said the NIH gave her ten million bucks? I’m trying to wrap my mind around it. Certainly you, or someone else, must’ve been curious.”

“No one had to ask. She said it was a gift for doing a great job with Covid,” Mr. Perez said.

“A nice ‘gift’,” the admiral quipped. “Did she share it with staff?”

Mr. Perez laughed. “No, of course not.”

“But you and whoever else knew kept quiet about it.”

“We understood what happened in the office, stayed in the office,” Mr. Perez said.

Admiral Crandall thanked and excused Mr. Perez.

He then showed the panel a copy of Lightfoot’s banking records from March-May of 2020. The NIH had made five $2m deposits during that period. The deposits were approved by the now-dead Dr. Francis Collins, former Deep Stater and head of the NIH.

He put forward to the panel that a venal Lightfoot took the $10m as part of a deal to not only influence Gov. Pritzker but also to advance Lightfoot’s own militant rule over Chicago.

The panel returned a verdict of guilty and said Lightfoot must hang to death for betraying his oath of office, a treasonous act, and imperiling his constituents.

The Admiral set a date of execution for Friday, April 14.

Note: I have not received word of the execution yet. I will publish a summary after I get confirmation.

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