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MAGA VS. Establishment (7.26.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Convicts Another CDC Covid Criminal

According to RRN JAG convicts another CDC Covid Criminl

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG convicts another CDC Covid Criminl, and the full text is in the below:

JAG Convicts Another CDC Covid Criminal

By Michael Baxter -July 20, 2023

On Monday, the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and Office of Military Commissions convicted Dr. Howard Zucker, CDC Deputy Director for Global Health, on charges of blackmail, extortion, and treason for trying to enforce lockdown legislation after Covid mandates had expired.

As reported in May, United States Marines apprehended Zucker at his opulent Georgia estate shortly after White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command intercepted a querulous phone call in which Zucker told HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, “F*** the Constitution. F*** Donald Trump. We need lockdowns,” and expressed exasperation at Becerra’s aversion to at once reinstate Covid restrictions on the populace. Apparently, Becerra realized the Scamdemic fraud had reached its conclusion, and he separated himself from Zucker by hanging up on him.

But Zucker’s frenetic campaign to reignite lockdowns did not end with Becerra’s blunt response. He telephoned roughly every Democrat in Washington and beyond, trying to cash in unearned favors while marginalizing his colleagues’ efforts to further the Plandemic. He zealously threatened to shut down 2,000 NYC businesses unless the proprietors adapted to the “new normal.” He savored Covid restrictions as one degusts a perfect cup of coffee. His unrelenting enthusiasm, however, was too much for his bosses, many of whom fled the country as the Plandemic came crashing down on them, to handle, and they severed ties with Zucker.

Zucker was still calling for lockdowns and vaccine mandates the day U.S. Marines arrested him, and he dared to ask the arresting Marines whether they were vaccinated because he didn’t want to get Covid, even though he, a blood test would later reveal, was unvaccinated himself.

He was ultimately sent to Camp Blaz to await a military tribunal.

As Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall was still at Guantanamo Bay, Zucker’s case was adjudicated by Rear Admiral Jonathan T. Stephens, a California state bar member and a renowned litigation specialist in the Naval community.

Before Zucker’s trial, he was offered the sweetest plea deal ever proffered to a Deep State criminal: plead guilty to the lesser charges of extortion and blackmail and concede to a 10-year prison sentence, and JAG would drop the more severe treason charge, which carries a potential death sentence. But Zucker refused the charitable proposal.

In a terse opening statement Monday morning, Zucker decried the tribunal and said he could not be found guilty of exercising his right to free speech as defined by the 1st Amendment. He insisted he had harmed no one in expressing his opinions on Covid and the need for ongoing controls to prevent “the greatest disease mankind has ever seen” from causing an “extinction-level event” rivaling that of the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Admiral Stephens, a stocky man with a gruff voice, stood behind a podium thumbing through paperwork. “Mr. Zucker, you’ve been in custody a few months, were given an opportunity to secure counsel, but chose not to. Do you agree with that statement?”

“The innocent don’t need lawyers,” Zucker said.

“Then, Mr. Zucker, if you’re disposed to talking, would you explain to these fine officers hearing this case why it is that you are unvaccinated, considering the steps you took, apparently of your own volition, to damage the reputations and livelihoods of civilians who opposed vaccine mandates.” The admiral gestured toward the panel, all Marine Corps officers, and waited for a response.

“My vaccine status is no one else’s business,” Zucker replied curtly.

“Let me ask you this, Mr. Zucker: Is it your opinion that the CDC has sole authority to legislate policy in a health crisis, any health crisis, either real or imagined?

At the defense table, Zucker twisted his wrists against his shackles, as if to loosen them. “These are a little tight,” he complained. “The CDC didn’t act unilaterally; we worked in conjunction with guidance from NIH and the World Health Organization.”

“The distinction escapes me,” said the admiral, “since they are really the same body. Would you agree, Mr. Zucker, that you acted a bit rabidly in pursuing Covid mandates, even once your associates realized the gig was up? Do you agree with that assessment?”

Zucker cleared his throat noisily. “I acted to preserve life. And I will never apologize or admit wrongdoing for that.”

“I see. I’d like to show you something, Mr. Zucker.”

Adm. Stephens grabbed a manilla envelope from the podium and pulled out three sheets of paper, which he placed on the defense table. The papers were photographs of Rochelle WalenskyAnthony Fauci, and Francis Collins hanging from the gallows rope at Guantanamo Bay.

“These people, these fine, upstanding citizens,” the admiral said sarcastically, “parroted your words to the letter. You, Mr. Zucker, might be joining soon.”

“Fakes. That’s Photoshop,” Zucker insisted.

Adm. Stephens assured him the images were authentic. “Mr. Zucker, I have 14 witnesses ready to testify that you, you personally, threatened to demolish their businesses and reputations if they didn’t heed your Covid advice.

Zucker chuckled. “You expect me to believe that you brought 14 people here, all the way to Guam, to testify against little ole’ me? You’re bluffing.”

“This is 2023, Mr. Zucker, we have this gadget called ZOOM. We don’t need them physically present to testify,” said the admiral, pulling a fourth image from the manilla envelope. This time the picture showed former N.Y. Governor and Covid criminal Andrew Cuomo dangling from a rope. “You worked with this man to enforce Covid compliance.”

“What? How?” Zucker muttered.

The gravity of his predicament must have hit him like a ton of bricks. He suddenly trembled, his voice quavering as he tried to rationalize the images laid out before him.

The admiral said: “You were the CDC director for Global Health, an appointed position. As a physician, you betrayed your Hippocratic Oath, and as a public official, betrayed your oath of office and knowingly endangered the lives of civilians. That you, Mr. Zucker, refused to get vaccinated is proof, and this meets our definition of treason.”

He tapped a finger against the four photographs before offering Zucker a final chance to switch his plea to guilty and accept a prison sentence instead of a possible hanging. Zucker timidly asked what kind of time he was looking at.

“That decision rests with the panel, but I will recommend 20 years,” said Adm. Stephens.

“20 Years? I was told 10 years before.”

“That ship has sailed,” said the admiral.

“I’m 63, so that’s a life sentence,” Zucker protested.

“Consider the alternative,” the admiral said.

In the end, Zucker accepted the deal, and the panel, after deliberating 30 minutes, agreed that 20 years in confinement was a proportionate punishment for Zucker’s crimes.

On Wednesday, a JAG source told Real Raw News that Adm. Stephens “may or may not have actually had” 14 witnesses on standby.

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