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MAGA VS. Establishment (11.31.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Convicts Janet Yellen of Treason

According RRN JAG convicts Janet Yellen of Treason

SPECIAL: According RRN JAG convicts Janet Yellen of Treason, and the full text is in the below:

JAG Convicts Janet Yellen of Treason

By Michael Baxter -October 26, 2023

Monday, October 16: GITMO

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall called Janet Yellen an “urchin,” among other colorful nouns, at a military tribunal that saw the fiendish woman repeatedly debase herself while raising a flurry of self-incriminating objections that helped the prosecution secure a guilty verdict and death sentence.

The fireworks started two hours into last Monday’s proceedings when Yellen, appearing pro se, vociferously objected to the appearance of a witness for the prosecution: Shannon Corless, who indirectly worked under Janet Yellen at the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis from January to October 2022 and surrendered to JAG that month believing that “Trump’s people” had her in a dragnet. She had agreed to cooperate with JAG’s investigations and was placed in protective custody.

Upon taking the stand, Corless was greeted with unremitting hostility. A shackled Yellen arose from her seat and called Corless “an insufferable worker bee” and a “malingerer” who spent her formative governmental years riding other people’s coattails and complaining about being overworked. Yellen shouted at the top of her lungs that Corless had obviously manufactured evidence to frame her for illicitly sending Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelenskyy hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars beyond the $113bn officially reported.

Corless, in the witness box, seemed unphased by Yellen’s accusations.

“Detainee Yellen, you refused your privilege to testify today. You will remain silent, or we will enforce your silence,” Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall said.

“I don’t have to take this from you or your private Banana Republic government,” Yellen blurted, her body trembling. “I have served President Biden loyally and legally, and I don’t recognize this court and I never will.”

Military policemen on either side of Yellen forced her onto the chair and gagged her mouth.

“A little civility goes a long way here,” the admiral noted. “Now, Ms. Corless, it’s no secret you’ve been granted immunity for your testimony. Is there any reason you’d have to lie before this tribunal today?”

“No, sir,” Corless said.

“You were never apprehended. You surrendered voluntarily. Is that correct?”

“It is, sir.”

“Would you please tell the panel what compelled you to turn yourself in?”

Corless stared intently at the three officers JAG had picked to hear evidence against Yellen. “I believed I was being watched—stalked by, well, the people doing what they’re doing to Janet Yellen now. I got extremely paranoid and figured it’d be better to turn myself in than have someone break down my door and murder me.”

“That’s what you believed would happen?” the admiral asked.

“It’s what we were told—that Trump’s forces would come for us and our families,” Corless said.

“It might surprise you to know, Ms. Corless, that we’re working on behalf of the Constitution, not an individual, any individual. Just so we’re clear, you surrendered out of fear and not out of remorse, is that correct?”

“At the time, yes, sir. I deeply regret what I’ve done.”

“And what was that exactly?” the admiral asked.

“Putting my signature to illegal wire transfers.”

“That’s a bit vague. Would you be more specific?”

“In January 2022, she—we approved a treasury department transfer. It was $57bn to Ukreximbank in Ukraine. An account owned by the Ministry of Defense,” Corless said.

“And how do you know this as fact?” the admiral queried.

“Because, sir, I witnessed it. She wanted someone else’s signature besides her own on that transfer.”

“And as Assistant Secretary at the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, your signature carried weight,” the admiral said.

“Yes, sir, it did,” Corless admitted.

The admiral addressed the panel: “Vladimir Putin began his Special Military Operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Therefore, the illegitimate administration had no reason to send Ukraine money, any at all, in January. And there is no public record of that $57bn gift anywhere.”

Admiral Crandall produced printouts of 57 $1bn wire transfers from the Treasury Department to Ukreximbank, each bearing Yellen and Corless’ digital signature. He laid them beside the panelists.

“We retrieved these from the SD card Ms. Corless provided when she surrendered. This was money taxpayers paid the federal government and was sent clandestinely sent to Ukraine, for whatever reason, without congressional knowledge or a matter of public record. To date, we have traced more than $1 trillion given to Ukraine. We don’t have to link her to all of it. This proves the defendant, detainee Janet Yellen, committed treason and defrauded the United States of America,” the admiral said.

Yellen had somehow slipped her gag. “President Biden will have your heads,” she huffed, fighting against her restraints as if imbued with superhuman strength—for a 77-year-old woman. “You’ve F***** yourself, Shannon.”

“Secure that urchin,” the admiral ordered the MPs.

The panelists’ mouths hung agape as Yellen remonstrated, her foul tongue spitting every obscenity under the sun. The MPs escorted Yellen out of GITMO’s south courtroom, and Adm. Crandall implored the panel to find the witch guilty, which they did.

Admiral Crandall apologized for the disruption and excused Corless, after which he said Yellen would hang on October 18.

RRN has been told that hanging has transpired, and I will post about it shortly. Given what’s happening today, writing about even justified deaths has become…exhausting.

By Cloudy Dragon

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