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MAGA VS. Establishment (11.3.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: Katie Hobbs Is at GITMO Awaiting a Military Tribunal

According to RRN Katie Hobbs is at GITMO awaiting a military tribunal

SPECIAL: According to RRN Katie Hobbs is at GITMO awaiting a military tribunal, and the full text is in the below:

Yes, Katie Hobbs IS at GITMO Awaiting a Military Tribunal

By Michael Baxter -October 27, 2023

Disgraced former Arizona Secretary of State and gubernatorial election thief Katie Hobbs has been at Guantanamo Bay since September 28 and, charged with treason, will face a military tribunal in mid-November, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The internet on September 26 was aswirl with rumors and theories after Hobbs inexplicably disappeared and state Treasurer Kimberly Yee was named acting governor. Several alternative news outlets claimed Hobbs had been “indicted” by the state Senate on charges related to conspiring with a Mexican drug cartel, while others said the military arrested Hobbs and brought her to GITMO. Even fallen-from-grace FOX News questioned Hobbs’ mysterious vanishing act. The Deep State media, on the other hand, quickly refuted the missing-in-action claims, saying that Hobbs was alive and well and meeting with the criminal Alexandro Mayorkas in D.C. We knew that was a lie because Mayorkas was hiding in Warsaw, Poland, at the time of the alleged meeting.

Tales of Hobbs taken to GITMO piqued RRN’s interest, for we’re seldom scooped on stories of Deep Staters getting fast-tracked to Guantanamo Bay. Our first inquiries with sources at GITMO, JAG’s Pensacola Offices, Camp Pendleton, and Fort Bragg were met with indecisive vagaries: “Can neither confirm nor deny,” “No comment at this time,” “Never heard about that,” “Where did you get that information?” and “If we have anything to share, we’ll let you know.”

The nebulous replies perplexed RRN; our sources typically supply straightforward answers. If a Deep Stater has met an ineluctable fate—a noose, for example—they tell us. If they do not have a Deep Stater in custody, they will tell us that, too. Admittedly, it was confusing.

More confusing was that Hobbs magically resurfaced in Arizona later that week. FOX News retracted its story and the rest of the media labeled persons who promoted the disappearance as Q-Tard conspiracy theorists.

Nevertheless, we continued pressing sources for a definitive answer, but they kept answering evasively—until we finally received a concrete response on October 23. “Yes, Hobbs is at Camp Delta and waiting for a tribunal,” a Staff Judge General’s adjunct told RRN.

He said that Jag investigators on September 26 undramatically arrested a “strangely complacent” Hobbs as she walked to her car outside the governor’s office in Phoenix. The armed investigators approached a laconic Hobbs, charging her with treason, election fraud, and conspiracy to commit murder. Hobbs was reportedly eerily quiet and held out her wrists as if wanting to be cuffed.

“The reason we were so cagey about if we had her or not is because even though we had Hobbs, we weren’t absolutely certain we had her,” our source said.

At GITMO on September 29, Hobbs for the first time opened her maw, telling interrogators that she was not Katie Hobbs. By then, she had undergone a medical assessment/bloodwork (not vaccinated) and fingerprinting. She wasn’t wearing a prosthetic mask, hadn’t had cosmetic surgery, and cloning indicators proved negative.

“By all appearance, we had Hobbs. And then there she is back at the podium in Phoenix. So, we know they [the Deep State] use clones and body doubles, but we didn’t think they’d be able to pull one off the shelf so quickly. And we wanted to make sure the Hobbs we had was indeed the real Hobbs, despite whatever game she thought she was playing,” our source said.

He added that Hobbs endured so many imaging tests it’s a miracle she’s not glowing in the dark.

“We are now 100% confident we have Hobbs. We’ve also identified one double impersonating her in Arizona,” the source said.

However, the Hobbs in custody still says she is not Hobbs.

Asked what evidence JAG will present at the tribunal, he said, “I can’t give specifics beforehand, but there will be witness testimony, video evidence of election fraud, and the admiral will prove that Hobbs orchestrated a failed murder-for-hire plot against Kari Lake.”

By Cloudy Dragon

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