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MAGA VS. Establishment (11.22.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: Special Forces Arrest Ukrainian Criminals in the U.S.

According to RRN special forces arrest Ukrainian criminals in the U.S.

SPECIAL: According to RRN special forces arrest Ukrainian criminals in the U.S., and the full text is in the below:

Special Forces Arrest Ukrainian Criminals in U.S.

By Michael Baxter -November 15, 2023

United States Special Forces on Monday arrested Ukraine presidential aide Andriy Yermak and Economy Minister Yulia Svyrydenko as the duo’s diplomatic motorcade prepared to leave a Deep State meeting at a Virginia studio whose interior mimicked the White House Diplomatic Reception Room, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Yermak, Zelenskyy’s righthand man, and Svyrydenko, Ukraine’s corrupt financier, were in the U.S. this week to meet with the criminal Antony Blinken and to siphon more taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Treasury Department.

Our source said the Blinken they met was an imposter, as a preponderance of evidence puts the authentic Blinken somewhere in Eastern Europe, like Warsaw, Poland. And Blinken has been spotted in nine countries and sixteen states at home in the last five days, suggesting he has a plethora of doppelgangers, doubles, and clones.

Asked why Ukrainian despots risked traveling to the United States instead of collaborating with Blinken abroad, he said, “To support the ruse that Ukraine is so desperate for more tranches of cash it sends delegates here. Nailing Yermak and Svyrydenko is almost as good as getting the bastard Blinken would be.”

Yermak and Svyrydenko, he added, were among Ukraine’s most prolific crooks. Only they were not burgling Ukrainians blind. Instead, they had profited massively from the hundreds of billions of dollars the criminal Biden regime had gifted Ukraine since the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s Special Military Operation. Their names reportedly appeared on Treasury Department spreadsheets U.S. Army Cyber Command had obtained from the late Janet Yellen’s electronic devices, which indicated they had each received $3.6bn for their part in brokering “equitable exchanges” between the United States and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense. Yellen’s files did not specify the framework of those “equitable exchanges,” but White Hats deduced that Yellen received kickbacks on each transfer, and Yermak and Svyrydenko kept a healthy percentage before sending the rest to the Ministry of Defense. In short, American tax dollars made scores of Ukrainians wealthy.

“When the Deep State Department released a memo saying Yermak and what’s her name was coming here, we wouldn’t miss the chance to grab them. We knew they weren’t meeting at the White House—it’s been shuttered and under military guard since January 2021. That left eight places, including Tyler Perry’s property, they’ve used as fake White Houses—mostly buildings renovated into production studios. We had to move fast and sent men to each place we know of,” our source said.

Fifth Special Forces Group commander Colonel Brent Lindemen, who is helming White Hat operations while Gen. Eric Smith recovers from the assassination attempt on his life, sent troops to New York, Connecticut, Delaware, California, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia, Deep State bastions and homes to the cabal’s CGI and deep fake broadcasting sites.

On November 13, Special Forces in Virginia spotted Yermak and Svyrydenko’s motorcade—three limousines with opaque windows and diplomatic plates—approaching an Urgent Care center near Interstate 95. The limousines parked and out stepped Yermak and Svyrydenko and their entourage of discreetly armed security guards.

Our source said Special Forces did not move on them at once because civilians were strolling around the area.

“Our rules of engagement are to not engage if there’s a risk of citizens getting caught in the crossfire. There are times we’ve had to abort missions for that reason. We didn’t want to abort this one,” our source said.

Special Forces sat tight. They couldn’t see inside the building because someone had lowered the blinds. However, using directional parabolic microphones, they heard Yermak tell the Blinken double that Ukraine needed an additional $200bn, almost four times the amount the regime had pledged to give Zelenskyy. A voice sounding like Blinken’s said, “You know you’ll get what you need. We must do these things judiciously.”

At that point, our source said, Special Forces telephoned Col. Lindemen and requested permission to storm the building and arrest everyone inside, including whatever incarnation of Blinken was present. Col. Lindemen denied the request, saying a plan to deal with the Blinken lookalikes was already in motion and instructed Special Forces to focus only on apprehending the designated targets.

Special Forces maintained surveillance until the meeting ended and the Ukrainians exited the studio and sauntered toward the parking lot. As the area was momentarily devoid of civilians, Special Forces moved, encircling the delegation before they reached their vehicles. The six security guards began reaching for sidearms concealed under their jackets, but stopped when they found themselves staring down the barrels of M4 carbines and M870 shotguns. A translator among them blurted, “You cannot do this! President Biden gave us diplomatic immunity.”

“I got news for you; Biden isn’t the president, and we don’t recognize diplomatic immunity,” the Special Forces lead said.

Special Forces hurriedly subdued the Ukrainians, putting Yermak and Svyrydenko in an armored SUV. They zip-tied and gagged the guards and packed them in the rear of one of the limos, which Special Forces commandeered.

“They’re now detained as foreign spies and face espionage and conspiracy to defraud the United States charges. Also, willful retention of illicitly stolen funds. The charges do carry a death sentence. Their guards are being held as enemy combatants,” our source said.

In closing, we questioned the source on the logic of leaving the Deep State’s studio intact, as, theoretically, the Blinken inside could have been the genuine article.

“Mike, I know you’ve heard the phrase, trust the plan. It’s been necessarily amended a few times, but it’s working. General Smith and the council abide by it. That’s really all I can say,” our source replied.

By Cloudy Dragon

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