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MAGA VS. Establishment (12.5.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Arrests Stephen Colbert

According to RRN JAG arrests Stephen Colbert

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG arrests Stephen Colbert, and the full text is in the below:

JAG Arrests Stephen Colbert

By Michael Baxter -November 28, 2023

JAG’s new detainment center on Guam will soon have its first detainee: Trump-hating, vaccine-loving, liberal talk show host Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

As reported last week, White Hats had finished building a crude but hopefully efficient 200-cell prison for mainstream media personalities that, in one way or another, committed treason and defrauded the United States of America. A JAG source named future potential inmates and dropped an ambiguous hint: “Don’t be surprised if Christmas comes early this year.”

If all information is accurate, JAG got its first Christmas gift Saturday morning when Navy investigators grabbed Colbert after he stepped off the property of his Montclair, New Jersey, home wearing a blue jogging suit and $60,000 Bulgari Flora sunglasses. Colbert reportedly blurted, “What the fu** is this?” as investigators subdued him, snapping handcuffs around his trembling wrists. Colbert was informed his new designation was “detainee” and that he had no rights but might earn some with good behavior. Investigators pushed Colbert into their vehicle and brought him to a processing center in advance of a trip to Guam, our source said.

Colbert, whose eponymous show is seen by 3.9m viewers nightly, is widely viewed as the second most liberal talk show host in the country—Jimmy Kimmel takes top honors. Colbert’s chumminess with top Democrats is legendary. In June 2021, he stoked what Joe Rogan called “mass psychosis” for a skit that featured a dance troupe dressed as vaccine syringes and, in October 2022, joined a Fauci body double (the real Fauci was hanged in April 2022) at a Walgreens for fresh booster shots on live television. Since the plandemic’s inception, Colbert dedicated over 1,750 show hours advocating for clot shots he had never received.

“You know, the first thing we do know is pull their blood and run tests to make sure they are who they seem to be. Colbert never got a real jab—probably saline solution.,” our source said.

However, the source added, Colbert will not stand trial for his political views or vaccine status.

“No one here’s litigating personal beliefs. What’s important is he is complicit in the fraud—the faux pandemic and pushing lies that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. He took bribes from both the NIH and the DNC. The details will come out at a tribunal,” our source said.

Asked when Colbert will stand trial, he said, “They’ll be no tribunals in Guam until January. I don’t have a timeline for Colbert. But he’s a detainee, and we can hold him in pretrial confinement indefinitely if we want,” the source said.

And asked why a multimillionaire would accept bribes, he added, “Enough is never enough for these bastards.”

The MSM and the Colbert family have covered up the arrest by claiming Colbert was hospitalized for appendicitis.

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