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MAGA VS. Establishment (1.15.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: Russian Claim That Austin Dead in Ukraine

According RRN Russian claim that Austin dead in Ukraine

SPECIAL: According RRN Russian claim that Austin dead in Ukraine, and some videos and full text are in the below:

Russian Claim: Austin Dead In Ukraine

By Michael Baxter -January 7, 2024

Criminal Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was allegedly killed in Kyiv on January 3 when Russian cruise missiles peltered a command bunker where Austin and Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army, met secretly to discuss mounting an asymmetrical offensive to “bring Vladimir Putin to his knees,” claims a Russian FSB source known for providing invaluable intelligence and the truth behind Putin’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

FSB agent Andrei Zakharov’s tale, however, directly contradicts an administration narrative about Austin clandestinely hospitalizing himself for an unknown ailment at Walter Reed Hospital. Friday evening, a frenzied media went haywire after Politico ran an article about Austin admitting himself to the hospital and staying there an entire week without notifying his criminal in chief, pResident Joseph R. Biden. The report quickly spiraled into undreamt of drama that engulfed all levels of government, with several lawmakers calling for Austin to resign for poor judgment and lack of transparency at once. Austin’s unannounced absence has embarrassed a criminal regime struggling to stay afloat.

Zakharov refutes the hospital story because, he insists, Austin and a bevy of Ukrainian brass were tucked away in what they thought was a secure military command center 20 feet beneath the streets of Pecheskry District in central Kyiv.

Russian intelligence, he added, had marginal luck tracking Austin’s trips into and out of Ukraine since early 2023. Austin had spent so much time in Kyiv he ought to have applied for Ukrainian citizenship, Zakharov joked, adding that the secretive and self-admittedly reclusive Austin had traveled to Ukraine from Poland eight times in 2023.

In early November, a Spetznas “hunter-killer” team entered Kyiv undetected after learning that Austin had arrived in Ukraine to personally deliver fantastic news to Zelenskyy: the U.S. and U.K. had voted to give him even more free money and arms. The Spetznas had eyes on Austin and Zelenskyy and came close to killing them, but the team aborted the mission at the last moment due to unforeseen and unspecified complications.

Vladimir Putin, Zakharov said, had bestowed upon Austin the title of “war criminal.”

Putin, he added, delighted in Austin’s demise.

“We knew Austin was in Ukraine, and we discovered their rendezvous point. We also know the pig Zaluzhnyi, and he is killer of the women and the children, was to meet his lieutenants to learn them about new drone warfare. They were our intended targets. Austin was a bonus.”

Twenty cruise missiles, he said, destroyed surface buildings and collapsed a labyrinth of interconnecting chambers underground. A battle damage assessment revealed the strike had razed the structures and cratered what lay beneath. Only rubble remained.

“Nothing on this earth could survive what we sent. Yes, he is dead. He must be dead,” Zakharov said.

Real Raw News’ American sources in the White Hat community, while stopping short of dismissing Zakharov’s story as wishful thinking, said they want to see irrefutable proof of Austin’s death before scratching his name off their own “most wanted” list. However, they’ve called the official narrative a blatant lie, for if Austin had gone to Walter Reed, their sources would have taken notice and informed General Smith’s office.

“We don’t know if that Russian story is baloney or not. Our sources at Reed are unimpeachable and they say he was never there. And as far as your other question, Mike, we don’t have him. If I learn more and can share, I’ll let you know,” a source in the general’s office said.

In Japanese:

Source: カナダ人ニュース, January 8, 2024

In Chinese:

Source: 新視野 New Vision, January 8, 2023

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