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MAGA VS. Establishment (1.19.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Arrests Mehdi Hasan

According to RRN JAG arrests Mehdi Hasan

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG arrests Mehdi Hasan, and the full text is in the below:

JAG Arrests Mehdi Hasan

By Michael Baxter -January 9, 2024

U.S. Navy JAG investigators on Sunday arrested liberal newscaster Mehdi Hasan on the charge of treason, alleging that he misused his authority at MSNBC to exacerbate the Plandemic hoax by broadcasting provably false COVID-19 and vaccine metrics to millions of gullible viewers, a Pensacola JAG source told Real Raw News.

News of the arrest coincides with MSNBC’s sudden announcement about canceling the venerable anchor’s broadcast, and his own brief statement Sunday night regarding his decision to completely divorce himself from the nation’s most corrupt network, which espouses extreme liberal leftwing biases and has also held a corporate vendetta against President Donald J. Trump. According to JAG sources, their offices have evidence proving Hasan received substantial payouts from the NIH in exchange for begging his audience to get vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted, and re-boosted.

On Sunday, a video of Hasan was posted to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, showing a similarity of Hasan broadcasting his retirement message from what looked like his studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. JAG, however, claims Hasan was already in custody and en route to a military processing center when the clip aired.

“We got him earlier in the day. MSNBC and its Deep State friends must have scrambled to put together a CGI Hasan using pieced-together audio clips. Hassan is a truly vile creature and it’s time he pays the price for his crimes against humanity. He’ll eventually head to our mainstream media prison in Guam,” our source said.

As reported in November, JAG opened a detainment center in Camp Blaz specifically to house Deep State-adjacent mainstream media personalities. CBS’s Stephen Colbert, charged with treason and exploitation of minors, was the institution’s inaugural prisoner. RRN has heard that Oprah Winfrey is currently housed there, too, but we’ve yet to obtain sufficient information to print an article on her predicament.

As for Hasan, JAG investigators apprehended him outside a home he had been renting in Westchester County, New York, a short roundtrip to MSNBC’s Manhattan studio. Our source was either unwilling or unable to describe Hasan’s reaction to seeing himself surrounded by a half-dozen armed JAG officers, but he described the altercation as “heated” and with Hasan getting “roughed up a little.”

Prior to his arrest, Hasan and MSNBC seemingly had tumultuous relations; his pro-Palestinian stance angered MSNBC’s Zionist leadership, and the network briefly suspended him in November. At the time, an enraged Hasan said he would end the Medhi Hasan show but remain with MSNBC in hopes of securing a show on which he wouldn’t feel compelled to voice an opinion on the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

“The network and Mehdi had their difference, and sure, Mehdi sometimes got hot under the collar, but was collecting a big paycheck and there was never any talk about him and MSNBC parting way entirely, at least not until Sunday. It shocked everyone here,” an MSNBC employee told RRN under the promise of anonymity, believing he was speaking to a reporter for the Washington Post.

Our JAG source said: “Hasan, Colbert, and many more will face tribunals.”

By Cloudy Dragon

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