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MAGA VS. Establishment (2.3.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: JAG Claims 97 “Media” Arrests Last Two Months

According to RRN JAG Claims 97 “Media” arrests in last two months

SPECIAL: According to RRN JAG Claims 97 “Media” arrests in last two months, and the full text is in the below:

Delta Force Arrests D.C. District Attorney for TREASON

By Michael Baxter -January 20, 2024

United States Delta Force on Thursday brazenly arrested the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia in Breckenridge, Colorado, charging the odious Deep Stater with treason for unlawfully prosecuting J6ers and sentencing them to periods of incarceration, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Although the criminal Merrick Garland was the regime’s frontman in the government’s illegal and unprecedented operation to identify and prosecute peaceful, patriotic citizens who visited “The People’s House” on J6, it was Matthew Graves, a name scarcely mentioned by the MSM, who put in the legwork for the most despicable miscarriage of justice in the history of Jurisprudence. A Biden appointee, Graves’ gavel strikes have imprisoned the innocent and forced once hard-working families into poverty. From the safety of his courtroom bench, guarded by throngs of D.C. police, FBI, and U.S. Marshals, Graves had personally dispensed 1,423 man-years of incarceration.

According to a case file shown to RRN, White Hats had designs on grabbing Graves almost immediately after he brought charges against 13 protesters in late January 2021. Days later, Graves announced that his FBI was hunting down an additional 150 suspects, and he enacted an “If you saw something, say something” campaign, imploring the public to share tips and leads with his Gestapo-style police force. Simultaneously, FBI spokesperson Steven D’Antuono said the Bureau expected to snare “several thousand rioters” in the coming months and charge them with treason and insurrection. Graves and the FBI were quick to label the protesters as “militants, extremists, MAGA, and fringe crazies,” citing connections to legally formed movements such as Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Patriot Front. Graves’ message was unambiguously clear: He considered them domestic terrorists.

Along with civilians, active-duty and retired military were caught in the federal dragnet. In mid-March 2021, federal agents brandishing automatic weapons swarmed the home of Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Tidwell, USMC, Retd. They held the 63-year-old Devil Dog at gunpoint, purportedly without Mirandizing him or showing him a warrant, while they violated his 4th Amendment by ransacking his home and stealing personal property. Tidwell had been at the Capitol on J6—to oppose Pence’s unlawful counting of the Electoral College votes and to video the event for historical purposes. He had not set foot in the building.

Tidwell was among at least 73 active-duty and retired military to be indicted on J6-related crimes.

While detailing each civilian and military arrest is beyond the scope of this article, White Hats claim that Graves “secretly prosecuted” six active-duty military, meaning no public mention exists of their cases.

In any event, it was the military’s contention that Graves, having been appointed by an illegitimate president, was himself illegitimate; in the eyes of White Hats, no constitutionally recognized authority had elevated Graves from assistant district attorney to district attorney, thus invalidating his position.

White Hats also said that because Graves’ activist wife, Fatima Goss Graves, had personal ties to Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Democratic lawmakers, and cabinet officials, Graves had an undeniable conflict of interests. Fatima Goss Graves has long pined for reforming the Supreme Court (filling it with all liberals) and unrestricted access to abortion, and she has played a crucial role in advancing the priorities of Democrats and the Biden cabal.

As for Graves, White Hats said waiting for a practical opportunity to arrest him and not cause excessive collateral damage required considerable patience—three years of it—and conflict within the White Hat community. In April 2021, General David H. Berger, Gen. Smith’s predecessor, rejected a proposal to storm a D.C. courthouse and “drag the handcuffed traitor kicking and screaming into the streets,” a recommendation from a few of the White Hat Council’s more Hawkish members. Gen. Berger had argued the rash proposal would imperil too many innocent lives.

“I can’t wade knee-deep into internal discussions, but General Berger felt mounting a major military strike to capture one man would end up with a lot of people getting needlessly killed—some of them innocent, others just naïve. Graves was pretty much among the most protected men in the Deep State, literally hundreds of feds and officers in and around his court and guarding his house. Just ’cause someone’s a fed doesn’t mean they’re corrupt; many of these guys are young, naive, just following orders, and don’t comprehend the evil they’re working for. Our job is bringing criminals to justice, not creating mass carnage. General Berger more or less said it wasn’t time for the storm, and the arguments, now and then, right or wrong, have plagued Gen. Smith’s tenure,” our source said.

Beginning in late 2023, White Hats detected alterations to Graves’ daily routine. He gradually reduced his personal protection detail. His public appearances—from speaking engagements to trips to grocery stores—became more frequent. Though still guarded by an armed entourage, time, apparently, had begun to breed complacency. On October 17, 2023, the White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) monitoring Graves’ digital footsteps learned he had booked a four-day trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, popular for its wintertime ski activities, for mid-January. He had bought two extra first-class airline tickets, the names of which belonged to a pair of officers from the U.S. Marshals Service.

Unless he canceled the trip, he would be in Breckenridge between January 15 and 19.

So, too, would a small U.S. Army Delta Force detachment.

Upon hearing about Graves’ excursion, Gen. Smith spoke with White Hat colleagues at U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and they decided that the Army’s special mission unit had the best chance of entering the alpine city and blending in with hordes of parka-clad, scarf-wearing tourists without drawing unwanted attention or tipping their hand.

They arrived in Breckenridge ahead of Graves and appraised their surroundings. They established surveillance on his mountain-view hotel and tried to predict where they might grab him while attracting the least amount of attention, or none at all. While Graves and his armed escort arrived at the resort and waited for a valet to park their car, which Graves had rented in Denver, Delta Force operators were spying on him from afar through binoculars and standing three feet from him. He looked like a quintessential tourist of means: He donned a billowy Canada Goose parka, a $1,500 jacket, a knit cap, and GORE-TEX gloves and boots, and his escorts wore similar garb.

With a four-day window to execute their plan, Delta used the first few days tailing Graves to study his movement to and from the hotel. They ruled out a hotel room abduction because the three men shared the same suite and because the hotel’s hallways, restaurant, and bars were teeming with tourists around the clock. To top it off, security cameras covered nearly every square foot of the building’s interior and parking lots.

Delta Force soon discovered that while Graves had a quirky attraction to the slopes, he was perhaps the most uncoordinated and unskilled skier in human history. He struggled to affix his skis on a beginner trail atop a lift and promptly fell face-first into the powder. Rather than admit his ineptitude, he scolded one of his escorts for renting the wrong-size skis. Still, he dawdled around the trails, envious of young children for whom skiing seemed second nature. “Stupid damn kids,” Delta Force overheard him saying.

On Thursday evening Delta Force made its move.

Graves and his guards had left a downtown restaurant and were strolling to their vehicle when Delta flanked them and fired paralyzing darts into the guards’ exposed faces. By the time Graves screamed for help and futilely tried unlocking his cell phone with gloved hands, his escorts had hit the ground, and he, too, had been injected with a tranquilizing agent. Delta Force left the Marshals where they were lying and put Graves in an SUV for a car ride to Denver and an eventual flight to Guantanamo Bay.

“We consider this a major arrest,” our source said.

Asked what Graves’ arrest means for wrongfully convicted patriots, he said, “Obviously Merrick Garland is still at large. Their house is collapsing, and, look, no one likes what’s happened, but soon they’ll be free.”

When asked why Graves’ wife is still free, he added, “I can’t comment on active investigations.”

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