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MAGA VS. Establishment (2.5.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: Alex Soros vs. Trump

Alex Soros vs. Trump

SPECIAL: Alex Soros vs. Trump, and the full text is in the below:

ANALYSIS: Alex Soros Threatens Cryptic Trump Assassination Threat and Bounty Offer by Sharing Atlantic Article Featuring a Twisted, Subliminal Cover Image

by Charles Downs | Jan 22, 2024 | ExclusiveGeneral NewsInvestigations | 2 Comments

Laura Loomer has conducted a deep dive analysis on an X post that Alex Soros, the son of Democrat Party Mega Donor George Soros, shared on Sunday that featured an image of a cryptic threat and bounty for the assassination of President Donald J. Trump. The image in question was a cover image in an article featured in the Atlantic Magazine. Interestingly, David Bradley, who is the Chairman and Owner of the Atlantic, served on the Council on Foreign Relations Board with George Soros. Loomer has reported extensively on Soros’s money being used in election interference cases to remove Trump from the ballot. Soros seems committed to using whatever means necessary to keep President Trump out of the White House.

The image Alex Soros shared features a bullet hole in the glass followed by a picture of money. The cash adds up to the number 47. Also, the number 4 on the 10 dollar bill is aligned perfectly with the number 5 on the 20 dollar bill, making the number 45 quite visible. The numbers 45 and 47 are a reference to President Trump.

It gets even more eerie as one of the 10 dollar bills used was from 1963. This is known because the phrase “WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND” is written on the bill.

1963 was the same year as the JFK assassination. The phrase “WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND” was changed to “In God we Trust” following the JFK assassination. Soros is clearly making a Trump JKF comparison.

Loomer wrote on this development, “Not only does one of the pictures have a single bullet hole through glass, and not only is $47 of cash seen, but there’s messaging conveyed through the arrangement of the money. While some of the bills are upside down with obfuscated writing, “States of America” is legible on one of the bills. On another bill, the finger is covering the face of the US President. And on another bill, the words “silver certificate” are legible. ”

Loomer continued, “The $47 in cash is a reference to the 47th President of the United States Of America (Donald Trump). Silver Bullet= simple guaranteed solution for a difficult problem =certificate Alex Soros is conveying that “the silver bullet” for $47 is death and that a financial award will be paid to the person who does it. ”

Loomer points out, “In fact, all of the paper currency in this photo is associated with political assassination. *Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated *Alexander Hamilton pistol duel with Aaron Burr *Andrew Jackson was the first President to have an assassination attempt against him in 1835. *The 2 one dollar bills are silver certificates. The silver is referring to Kennedy being on a silver coin as well as the silver bullet.”

Another subliminal message in the graphic used by The Atlantic and shared by Alex Soros is seen that Under the silver certificate are two upside-down bills equaling 30 dollars. “Thirty pieces of silver” is the infamous payment to Judas for betraying Jesus to his crucifiers. 30 pieces of silver refers to someone who has sold out and taken money, high office or personal gain in exchange for betraying a person or an important cause.

Loomer continued writing, “The Bills Show As Followed: 10, 02 ,5 01, 1, 1, The 4th bill is a TEN upside down that spells “NET”. So the offer is $100,250,111 NET. @AlexanderSoros should be arrested immediately and @TheAtlantic needs to be investigated for publishing this.”

At the bottom of the article, with the image in question, “The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation provided support for this project,” is written. According to Influence Watch, “Hewlett Foundation has announced it plans to spend $10 million over the next two years to combat what it considers “fake news.” 85 The left-of-center organization claims that it will support research efforts that will study how disinformation spreads, the impact of elevating high-quality content, and how to “accommodate free speech and privacy while addressing online propaganda.”

Trump supporters were disturbed by Loomer’s findings.

Soros has been committed to interfering in the 2024 presidential election. reported that Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows and CREW, the two entities leading the charge to remove Trump from the ballot, are funded by Soros.

Soros is determined to stop Trump with whatever means necessary. This is a disturbing development, to say the least.

Charles Downs Downing corrupt globalist politicians is Charles’ passion. Charles Downs is not afraid to ask globalist politicians and RINOs the questions the American people want answered. Downs has exposed Fani Willis and many other corrupt politicians. Follow @TheCharlesDowns on X.

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