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MAGA VS. Establishment (3.14.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: Deep State Admiral Convicted of Treason

According to RRN Deep State admiral convicted for treason

SPECIAL: According to RRN Deep State admiral convicted for treason, and the full text is in the below:

Deep State Admiral Convicted of Treason

By Michael Baxter

March 2, 2024

A Coast Guard admiral and military liaison to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been sentenced by a military commission to hang by the neck until dead for treason and sedition, a Guantanamo Bay source told Real Raw News.

As reported last month, Marines happened upon Rear Admiral Michael Platt while laying a trap to ensnare Mayorkas in Eagle Pass, Texas. Although Mayorkas never arrived at the embattled border city, Platt’s presence there was viewed by White Hats as a consolation prize.

Upon arriving at GITMO, Platt was offered two options: write and sign a written confession attesting to his complicity in Mayorkas’ plan to abolish physical borders and in helping the DHS track down law-abiding military personnel who were at the Capitol on J6, or answer to a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. If he had picked the former, JAG would’ve shown compassion—in the form of a 10-year sentence without the possibility of parole. But Platt had chosen the latter, which had no advantageous stipulations and carried a potential death sentence. He reportedly told JAG he’d sooner die than betray Mayorkas, the “finest lawman” he had ever known.

“I answer only to the POTUS, Joseph R. Biden, and Homeland Director Alejandro Mayorkas, and I’m innocent of your made-up crimes,” he had told JAG staff at an initial interrogation.

Our source said JAG expedited his trial date to demonstrate what fate would befall other treasonous officers who had or might have been thinking about violating their constitutional oath. JAG even denied Platt his uniform, saying he wasn’t worthy of wearing it and would appear in court festooned in a detainee’s attire—handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit, garb befitting a man of his tarnished achievements.

At trial Thursday, Platt seemed mystified, then angry, to learn that Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall had at the last moment delegated prosecutorial responsibility to a junior officer, a 33-year-old Navy captain whose name RRN was asked to omit from this report.

“Where is Admiral Crandall? Where is the coward?” Platt said from his shackled position at the defense table.

“Admiral Crandall is attending to important matters,” the captain replied.

“So, he sends you? I’m an admiral. A rear admiral. You’re not qualified to adjudicate over me,” said Platt.

“I believe you are in error,” the captain said. “Here you are, a detainee, with the rights and privileges afforded a detainee. That’s to say we decide your rights, or who is qualified. You should consider your place, and I mean that physically, as in looking around you, see where you are right now. You’re not in Kansas anymore. Here is your right: You have a right to stay in that seat and be silent until offered a chance to speak.”

The captain faced the officer trio JAG had chosen to weigh the evidence against Platt. “I appreciate your time, gentlemen, and won’t take much of it today. On September 7, 2020, the detainee wrote and distributed letters to at least 65 Coast Guard officers in California, Hawaii, Maryland, and Virginia, reminding them to vote for Joseph Biden in the upcoming election. He wrote, and I quote, ‘I’m writing to remind you of the importance of voting for Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election. Trump has too much military support already, and its urgent we deny him additional support. He is destroying the United States from within, and only Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris can right the wrongs he’s inflicted on the nation. I would look favorably on officers who share my sentiment, and who share my sentiment with lower grades.’ His actions were nothing short of politicizing the uniform, weaponizing his authority, and it’s expressly forbidden. You have copies of this correspondence in your folders, and they’ve been authenticated,” the captain explained.

Platt objected, saying he could explain the letter, and the captain allowed him to speak.

“I sent the letters to friends, officers who had already told me they’d vote for Biden. I was just reminding them they told me they’d vote for Biden, and it wasn’t like I sent it to every Coast Guard member everywhere,” Platt said.

“That makes no sense,” the captain said to the panel. “Why would anyone need to be reminded who to vote for? Did his ‘friends’ have amnesia? Dementia? Did they really need a mental nudge? No, of course not. What the detainee did do is incite insurrection, treason, mutiny. And this set a pattern of future misconduct.”

Platt chewed on his lower lip, angry as a cornered beast. He stared lividly at the captain, at the panel, and at the two MPs flanking his seat. It was as though he saw enemies swimming in on him from all sides.

“Detainee Platt, did you in any capacity help DHS track down any servicemember, active or retired, that was at the Capitol on January 6, 2021?” the captain asked him.

“In 2021 Joseph Biden was president, and I did the job he and my superiors asked of me. Interpret that however you wish; I won’t help you incriminate me,” Platt said.

“You’ve been an immense help,” the captain said.

On a large screen, he displayed an image of an email, dated 3/5/2021, that Platt had sent to Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray. In it, Platt offered up the names of 15 service members who had attended President Trump’s speech on the Ellipse on J6, calling them “MAGA Trumpists,” “insurrectionists,” and “traitors.”

Of the 15, the captain said, only five marched on the Capitol in peaceful protest, and none had engaged in violence or set foot inside the building. However, that didn’t stop the DHS and FBI from arresting all 15, 12 of whom, the captain said, were still unlawfully incarcerated at secret jails in D.C.

“I did my job,” Platt mumbled, “and I’d do it again.”

“Then tell this commission, please, what job it was you were performing when you were caught in Eagle Pass on February 13. Last time I checked, the Coast Guard didn’t have any ships in the Rio Grande,” the captain said.

“My duty,” Platt said.

The captain turned to the panel. “Detainee Platt was at the border representing the Department of Homeland Security. He was there to enforce Mayorkas’ instructions: encourage Customs and Border Enforcement agents to dismantle physical barriers near the Rio Grande, and to allow the unobstructed flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.”

He showed the panel a text exchange between Platt and Mayorkas that JAG had pulled from Platt’s phone.

“We control the border, not Gregg Abbott, not the Texas Military Department. You will be my representative. You will speak for me there. Make sure that razor wire, every inch of it, comes down,” Mayorkas had written.

“I’ll do as you ask, whatever it takes to keep them open. Unifying the United States and Mexico into a single borderless country is what I want to see happen,” Platt had replied.

“Treason. Mutiny. Sedition. JAG asks you officers to find detainee Platt guilty and recommend the maximum punishment,” the captain said to the panel.

The panelists needed no time to debate a verdict; they agreed with the captain and said that Platt should hang for his crimes.

“Secretary Mayorkas will have your heads,” Platt screamed as the MPs escorted him from the courtroom. “This isn’t over!”

“It is for you,” the captain said.

Platt’s execution is scheduled to take place on March 12

By Cloudy Dragon

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