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MAGA VS. Establishment (3.23.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: Marines Arrest Victoria Nuland and Husband

According to RRN marines arrest Victoria Nuland and her husband

SPECIAL: According to RRN marines arrest Victoria Nuland and her husband, and the full text is in the below:

Marines Arrest Victoria Nuland and Husband

By Michael Baxter

March 7, 2024

United States Marines on Monday arrested warmonger and top Deep State Department official Victoria Nuland, enforcing a military arrest warrant that charges the vile woman with treason and seditious conspiracy, crimes for which she will likely be executed, if convicted.

The arrest occurred Monday morning on the outskirts of D.C. at Nuland’s palatial estate. Sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that she and her husband, historian Robert Kagan, had just seated themselves for breakfast when a Marine scout/sniper squad stormed the home, tranquilized Nuland’s taxpayer-funded security detail, and arrested both Nuland and Kagan, the latter as a co-conspirator to Nuland’s villainy.

“Kagan is criminally complicit,” the source said.

According to an after-action report reviewed by RRN, Nuland watched in horror as her security guards dropped one by one, then demanded that Kagan, a portly 65-year-old misanthrope, protect her. But Kagan wasn’t feeling so chivalrous. Rather than defend his wife, he blurted “oh, shit” and tried unsuccessfully to flee the residence, abandoning his shrieking spouse. He was struck in the back by a Taser and tranquilizer darts as he tottered to a rear door. Nuland gawked in stunned silence as her cowardly husband collapsed beneath his weight to the floor. She then chose pragmatism over idealism, holding her empty hands high above her head and begging the Marines to take her into custody unharmed. She had not, however, resigned entirely to an ineluctable fate; she told the Marines that Biden and Obama—her earlier master–would avenge her. The Marines subdued Nuland and cleared the house, seizing electronic devices before they left with the unconscious couple. They left the three paralyzed security guards behind.

Almost immediately after the arrest, the Deep State Department announced that Nuland would soon retire from politics. Our source said the announcement was characteristic of how the Deep State rationalizes the sudden disappearance of high-ranking officials to the public.

“The illegitimate administration isn’t going to admit the swamp is getting drained. And their MSM allies won’t either. If they did, they’d appear weak, rudderless, and ineffectual to their constituents. So, they make up these retirement and hospitalization stories to obscure the truth. The only place Nuland’s retiring to is GITMO, and hopefully the gallows,” our source said.

Nuland, he added, was so entrenched in the Deep State that they would probably kill her had she written a resignation letter.

The military’s indictment against Nuland is encyclopedic. It alleges she had overseen and micromanaged U.S. bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine. Moreover, it asserts that Nuland and Kagen were kingpins in the illegal production and distribution of Adrenochrome flowing between the United States and Eastern Europe. If all charges are valid, Nuland also had a role in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline and, years and years ago, managed Obama’s infamous enemies list.

“And there’s a lot more beyond that, but I don’t know if Adm. Crandall will introduce every crime she’s committed. A military tribunal like that could take a year! Still, you know, there is no defense for what Nuland’s done, and I imagine any panel will see that quickly,” our source said.

In closing, he said Nuland and Kagan will face individual tribunals.

By Cloudy Dragon

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