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MAGA VS. Establishment (4.20.2024) in 2024 Presidential Election: Garland Gets Upper Hand in Day 2 Military Tribunal

According to RRN Garland gets upper hand in day 2 military tribunal

SPECIAL: According to RRN Garland gets upper hand in day 2 military tribunal, and the full text is in the below:

Garland Gets Upper Hand in Day 2 Military Tribunal

By Michael Baxter

March 28, 2024

JAG graciously gave detainee Merrick Garland an extended weekend, resuming the military tribunal against him on Tuesday instead of Monday, primarily because Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall had to manage personal affairs. Garland received the books he had requested, tomes dealing with military justice and federal case law, searching for a litigious loophole that might exonerate him or spare him a trip to the gallows. Finding none, he asked for a second postponement, saying he needed only four more days of study to mount a practical defense. Admiral Crandall denied Garland’s request on the grounds that he had spent 60 days in custody, during which he could have memorized voluminous legal volumes and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Upon resuming proceedings Tuesday morning, Admiral Crandall showed the panel a sheet of paper criminal investigators had found in Garland’s home desk drawer following his arrest.

“It’s good for us, detainee Garland, that you never heard of an invention called the shredder,” Admiral Crandall remarked. “Or even a match. I thought you guys were pros at destroying incriminating evidence. Amateur hour.”

The three-year-old document was seemingly a draft and did not name the intended recipient. The context was abundantly transparent: Garland called Trump his “special project” and wrote that he and his Justice Department would move mountains to topple Trump and the Trump Empire.

“Dealing with Donald Trump is the mission, and let’s be clear–if we don’t take care of him, he’ll take care of us. I’ll embroil him so deep in litigation that he’ll wish he retired to golf. I’ll defame him and seize his assets, including his precious Mar-a-Lago. He’ll be left in ruin. I’ll bury him so deep in criminal court he’ll go bankrupt defending himself. At the same time, we’ll hit his allies and adherents, particularly MAGA and evangelicals, and make them regret the day they pledged to support him. I have the authority to make it a reality. After he suffers long enough and wishes he was dead, maybe I’ll grant him that. But not before he understands the word’s true meaning,” the Admiral read aloud.

Garland objected with an implausible argument: He said he had not authored the page.

“It’s fake! You made it up,” he barked.

But Admiral Crandall insisted that handwriting analysts had authenticated the cursive script as Garland’s. “You don’t like President Trump, do you, detainee Garland?” the Admiral asked.

“He’s not President Trump; he’s Mister Trump, and that’s being generous. What kind of fucked up world are you people living in?” Garland said, his face suddenly red with anger. “Joseph Biden is president. Oh, I’m tired, Crandall,” Garland said.

“If justice is fair, you’ll get a permanent nap very soon,” the Admiral said.

With handcuffed hands Garland removed his eyeglasses and laid them gently on the table. He glared at the Admiral. His eyes were full of evil.

“Eric, Admiral Crandall,” Garland said. “Wouldn’t you like to know who shot Eric?”

“Excuse me?” the Admiral said.

“Eric. General Eric Smith. Wouldn’t you like to know who zapped him?”

Admiral Crandall stepped toward Garland. “I doubt you know anything about that. It’s not in your wheelhouse.”

“It was in Lloyd’s, Admiral Crandall, and he told me everything before you had him killed,” Garland said with a smirk. “It was a warning shot, fire across the bow. If we wanted, he would’ve died hitting the ground.”

“We didn’t kill Austin. Deep State intelligence is lacking,” Adm. Crandall said. “And if your intelligence were reliable, you’d know we caught the Gen. Smith’s shooter. In fact, he’s here at GITMO.”

“Did you? And is he?” Garland teased. “Maybe you caught who we put out there for you to catch,” Garland said.

“I’m not negotiating with you,” the admiral said sternly.

Garland laughed through parted teeth without moving his lips. “Not even for the lives of the soldiers and Marines we hid where you can’t find them. You know the ones, Admiral. If anything unfortunate happens to me, Admiral, they’ll know, and the service men and women we have will die painfully. And when we’re done with them, well, then there’s the civilian J6 insurrectionists. We might not be able to take them all, but if I hang, so will some of them, Jeffrey Epstein style.”

“You’re bluffing. If you could pull that card, you would’ve done it by now,” the Admiral said.

“Consider your position carefully, Admiral. You’ll release me and 32 others from jail here and in Guam. I don’t care what happens to others. You might want to check with your friends before making a rash decision,” Garland said.

Admiral Crandall stepped away from the defense table but maintained eye contact with Garland. He peered intently at the Deep Stater, as though judging the veracity of his threat. After a while, he said, “This tribunal stands in recess until tomorrow. Guards, escort the detainee to his cell.”

“See, I got my postponement,” Garland taunted.

A GITMO source told Real Raw News the Admiral used the time to speak with General Smith and the White Hat council, though we haven’t yet learned the outcome of those conversations.

We will post a follow-up upon receiving it.

By Cloudy Dragon

Anonymous, Ph.D.: Grew up China and Japan; Studied Post-College in the U.S. with 2 Master degrees & a Ph. D.

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