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MAGA VS. Establishment (11.26.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: FEMA Official Beten to Death at GITMO

According to RRN FEMA official was beaten to death at GITMO

SPECIAL: According to RRN FEMA official was beaten to death at GITMO, and the full text is in the below:

FEMA Official Beaten to Death at GITMO

By Michael Baxter -November 21, 2023

A former FEMA official whom U.S. Marines arrested in August was beaten to death at Guantanamo Bay, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

As reported on August 22, White Hats apprehended FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks after linking him to atrocities FEMA personnel committed against Hawaii citizens while Maui burned. Hooks was processed in South Florida and flown to GITMO on August 27. There, he refused to cooperate with interrogators and said that if JAG prosecuted him for fulfilling his appointed duties, he’d be a silent participant in all proceedings. His tribunal would’ve occurred on September 18–had he lived long enough to see it.

On September 13, a Camp Delta guard began clubbing Hooks with a baton after escorting him to the shower stalls, which have no security cameras. Hooks, handcuffed as the beating started, was struck twice on each kneecap before collapsing in a puddle of water. The unnamed guard then bludgeoned Hooks’ torso and face, as Hooks entreated the guard for mercy. Approximately two minutes later, with the guard mercilessly pounding Hooks, a second guard entered the stall and joined in the assault, kicking a prone and defenseless Hooks in the teeth. The guards’ unswerving desire to end Hooks’ life lasted several minutes, at which point one guard felt for a pulse and said, “Yeah, he’s gone.”

The guard who initiated the walloping immediately radioed the Master-at-arms, saying, “We need to surrender. We just killed detainee Erik Hooks. We did it for Maui.”

As medical staff zipped Hooks’ globular corpse inside a plastic bag, military police read the guards their rights and escorted them to an isolated cell at Camp Six, GITMO’s medium security holding block, replete with private showers, televisions, and communal areas.

Our source said GITMO leadership at once tried to muzzle news of the extrajudicial execution, fearing other undisciplined service members might enact vigilante justice—of which GITMO has seen its fair share—against Deep Staters in custody. However, word of the guards’ deeds spread faster than the truth about COVID-19 vaccines, and some at GITMO championed their actions and revered them for “taking out the trash.”

The guards, he added, confessed, detailed what they called “justifiable homicide,” as described above, and said they started planning to kill Hooks four days after he had arrived at GITMO.

“The guards wore body cameras and they captured everything. Per their sworn statements, Hooks would sit in his cell at night whispering just loud enough for the guards to hear him and bragging about all the people in Maui who died by his command. They said that even if JAG found Hooks guilty, a hanging was too good for him. So, they conspired to take matters into their own hands, knowing they’d be screwing themselves for it.”

Both guards had exemplary service jackets leading up to the killing, and neither had ties to Maui residents.

“The UCMJ is here for a reason; it guides us, and breaking it brings consequences. JAG has charged the guards with violating Article 118, murder, of the UCMJ. They knew they’d get caught and didn’t care. They entered a plea of not guilty by reason of Justified Homicide,” our source said.

As of this writing, a trial date has not been set, nor is it clear who will prosecute the case.

In closing, we asked the source why JAG gave the guards cozy accommodations.

“Obviously, we don’t want them around certain others,” he said.

By Cloudy Dragon

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