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MAGA VS. Establishment (11.27.2023) in 2024 Presidential Election: Marines Arrest Treasonous Air Force Colonel in North Dakota

According to RRN marines arrest treasonous air force colonel in North Dakota

SPECIAL: According to RRN marines arrest treasonous air force colonel in North Dakota, and the full text is in the below:

Marines Arrest Treasonous Air Force Colonel in North Dakota

By Michael Baxter -November 21, 2023

United States Marines on Monday arrested a Minot Air Force Base colonel of treason after he recommended that service members avoid a downtown rally featuring supporters of President Donald J. Trump. The officer, Daniel Hoadley, Commander of the 5th Bomb Wing, also reportedly told subordinates that “there is no room in the Air Force for patriots or Trump supporters,” a source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

On November 16, General Smith’s office learned of a text message Minot AFB leadership sent to approximately 8,500 airmen and dependents. The text read, “Please exercise caution if downtown this weekend…We just got word of an event going on at the fairgrounds, called Dakota Patriot rally. Its guest speaker is from an alt-Right organization called Turning Point Action. Please advise your folks that if they’re going to be downtown this weekend…The crowds may be confrontational to military members. Additionally, remind them that participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the US military.”

Our source said the message had contemptuous undertones toward any service member who considered himself a patriot.

“The negative connotations aside, the text itself wasn’t something we’d call actionable, but we were curious who wrote it. Could’ve been PR, could’ve been a senior officer, could’ve been Lloyd Austin. The coward didn’t put his name on it,” our source said.

However, White Hats soon ascertained the author’s identity.

In the hours following the notice, an anonymous caller asked Gen. Smith’s office to check a Discord server frequented by Minot AFB personnel.

“Well, I guess me and my wife aren’t going to the rally. It was just implied I’ll get in trouble if I do. This is all coming down directly from Col. Hoadley,” a poster said.

“Is that all? We were told we could get NJPd if we’re seen there,” a different poster replied.

A third wrote: “I am a retired USAF colonel, and Col. Hoadley is wrong. Off-duty military should be commended for participating in political activity, as long as they’re out of uniform. Hoadley is violating his oath.”

“Col. Hoadley just told 5th Maintenance Squadron Trump rallies should be banned and all ‘patriots’ investigated,” said another.

And finally, “Get this: My GF works at city hall. She said toadly Hoadley asked the city council to stop the event downtown.”

Gen. Smith’s office, our source said, confirmed that Hoadley had asked the Minot City Council to cancel the patriot meeting because “President Biden wouldn’t approve.” The council, which includes Mayor Tom Ross, reproved Hoadley’s veiled threat, saying it would not infringe on the constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assembly. A council member requesting anonymity told the general’s office, “This guy [Hoadley] is off his rocker and has clearly lost his marbles. He told me he was going to investigate me.”

Our source said White Hats were compelled to intervene.

“We got other info evidence of coercion and fraud that will be made known later. We had a responsibility to act.”

A clandestine Marine reconnaissance squad arrived in frigid Minot Monday afternoon; they picked up Hoadley’s trail after he left base and drove south toward the city on Interstate 83. They squeezed his vehicle off the road and approached with weapons drawn. A stunned Hoadley rolled down his window, demanding an explanation, and was informed he was being placed under military arrest for treason, sedition, and conduct unbecoming an officer. At that point, Hoadley told the Marines that “Jarheads” had no authority over a senior Air Force officer.

Our source said the Marines relieved Hoadley of his sidearm and took custody of him.

Asked whether Hoadley had an earlier history of Trump Derangement Syndrome, he added, “This all became known last week. JAG will interview Minot staff. As the dominos fall, these closet cabalists are getting desperate and giving themselves away. Hoadley will be spending Thanksgiving at Gitmo, and I can’t testify to the quality of the turkey they serve.”

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